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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

At Your Service

Being that we are proud new owners of a Miniature Horse, I've been doing some random Internet searches to learn a little more about Miss Tiny. In doing so, I have run across some interesting sites. By far the site I enjoyed the most was the Guide Horse Foundation. See photos of the little guide horses gave me a good dose of smiles. How cute. Of course I had to read into why they might make a better companion than a dog, and a lot of it made sense.

All of this reminded me of an article I read recently in People Magazine, titled Dogs for the Disabled. This article touched my heart. It didn't surprise me though. I am used to getting all emotional when reading about or watching a story on animals that perform such wonderful acts. I find myself blubbering over the amazingly loving duties they so often perform. There are many types of service animals, but of course the most common is the dog. Here are just a few of the miraculous things trained dogs can do:

-We all know of seeing eye dogs, right?

-How about Dogs for Diabetics

-Have you heard ofSeizure Alert Dogs?

-Police Dogs

-Cadaver Bugs

There are just too many to list. Dogs have keen sense of smell, and can detect the slightest change in smell. This reminds of me the night I went into labor. When I tell the story of Sugar's birth it always starts with, "Well the dog predicted it!..." Yes in deed she did. Grace, the black Lab we had at the time, had ignored my growing belly for my entire pregnancy. She just didn't seem to worry about it. She would rest her head on it, but never once acts strange about. One night when I was 8 days overdue, I sat on the couch to read the newspaper. Hubby was in Alaska, so I was home alone. This didn't worry me. I figured when I finally went into labor I would have plenty of time to wait for my friend, my coach, to get here.

Anyhow.....(sorry, I always get sidetracked), that night was much like every other night. Nothing I did was different. Same old maternity clothes, same old couch, same old paper, same old bowl of cold cereal for dinner....same old EVERYTHING. Suddenly, behind my paper and sensed a nudge to Okay, so there is no polite way to say it, so here goes....I put down the paper to see my dog with her nose right up my crotch sniffing. You have to know that this was not something she ever did. She was NOT a crotch sniffer. Some dogs are...not her, so this was odd. It startled me, so I let out an "Grace....stop it!" She back up, and sat down 3 feet away. All the while she stared at my "lady region" and tilted her head from side to side. You could almost see her thinking, "What the heck is THAT smell?" Suddenly she started growling. I had no idea what was wrong with her. She just stared....tilted her head, and growled. It was so strange. I just got up and told her to leave me alone. She had never growled at me, so I was really confused. All evening she followed me around and sort of growled under her breath. I finally went to bed, and at 3am my water broke. YUP....this was it. Only 19 hours of Natural childbirth later, Sugar Bear was born. It wasn't until a few days later that I realized that Graces strange behavior that night might have been her sensing the hormonal change that started my labor. Isn't that interesting?

Animal senses really amaze me. It seems like every time I turn around they are discovering something else these wonderful animals can help with. What a blessing they are to those in need.

Not only do animals perform learned duties, they are often hearing the call of others in need. They risk their lives to save others. Stories of this nature affect me even more.

Some of the stories that just touch my heart so hard it hurts:

-Stray Dog saves life of an abandoned baby.

-Adopted Dog Saves Life

-An Angel in the Night (long but worth it)

And it isn't just dogs:

-Pig saves her owners life (I actually saw this story on the animal channel once, and it had me in tears)

No matter how much I complain about pets and all the responsibility they are....sometimes I need to remember what gentle souls they really are.

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11 Live It or Love It:

The Egel Nest said...

That is a crazy story...animals are fascinating...especially their extraordinary senses...

I once read that a shark can detect one drop of blood in 1 million gallons of water...whoa...

Happy New Year!

The Egel Nest

Joeprah said...

Animals change the sensitivity of a household. They are so good for a family and for people in general.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I didn't know there were dogs for diabetics, seizures and all! Great post! Terri Clark

Anonymous said...

That is really freaky. She could totally sense what was going on. And it makes for a pretty cool labor story.

Autumn said...

Cool story Corey! My brother has epilepsy. My mom and I worried about him because he lives alone. Last year he got the most wonderful dog, an Australian shepherd. The dog is not trained professionally, but is so in tune with my brother. We feel so much better now.

holly said...

i was totally giggling at the thought of your dog and your 'lady bits'. wait. that doesn't look so good out of context. stuff it. i'm referring to what *you* said anyway.

it was LOL.
and wow. didn't know about the diabetes etc. nice one. i always learn something coming here. i should pay an educational fee. *should*.

Anonymous said...

Animals have amazing healing powers too. Did you know that simply owning a dog can add years to your life? It's a happiness and companionship that people can't substitute! I have a friend who does pet therapy. She brings her dogs into old age homes. The interaction is amazing. Some of the older people spend their whole week waiting to pet a little pooch. It brings the biggest smiles to faces!

Deb said...

Wow, that is really interesting! It's so amazing, all of the things that dogs and other animals can do.

david mcmahon said...

Amazing, Grace.

mama bear said...

I remember that night like it was yesterday. How exciting! Did I tell you the story about how my Weiner Dog Sheila saved my life in Texas? Animals are amazing!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I loved this Corey.
My old Jazz new I was pregnant with Miss E before we did.
She loved to play rough, but one day she just stopped. I tried everything to get her to roll around and get silly and pull her ragger with me but she wouldn't.
We found out I was expecting 3 days later. After I had E she was back to her old crazy self again. I love dogs.

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