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Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Freestyle

Happy Friday everyone! I did it. I survived a whole week at work without eating chocolate. whew.....10 days FOREVER to go. tee hee...but seriously, it is going quite well.

However, the lack of Chocolate is not helping my patience level, me thinks. I have been trying for two night to upload a simple little video and the Internet hates me. I guess a freakin 58 second video is just too dang large or something. I am still working on it. It has been loading for almost 3 hours and we are half way done. may see it next year. le sigh....

To pick up my spirits, I'd love to pass on some blogging goodness. I have received the following awards, and would love to share.

1. donetta...ummm.....welll....I guess I am her drug of choice. tee hee...gotta love that. Thanks Donetta!

So many to chose from here...I am slightly addicted to you all:

Mama Geek from What Works for us- you totally rock the bloggin girl!

Mama zen- I get the shakes when you aren't around.

2. Speaking of Mama zen- she got me feeling all warm and fuzzy when she deemed my blog Bodacious. Thanks Kelly!

These blogs are Bodacious as well:

Jennifer- You are such a joy to read. I love all the crafty ideas you share. Thanks!

Beth- I am totally loving getting to know you better.

3. Mama Geek from What Works for us honored me when she declared me an official Blogging Buddy! Right back at you Mama Geek! Thanks!

Some of my blogging buddies are (so hard to choose, cause I love you all):

Holly- You are a guaranteed smile, laugh, or snort. thanks!

Jo- You are so thoughtful, caring, and totally fun to be around. You make my day....alllllllllll the time. Thanks!

Deb-- You are a blogging queen. So kind, helpful, and fun. thanks!

4. Cami ,quite some time back (man I am so short on time these days), bestowed upon me the award she designed herself. Apparently she thinks I have TuTu making Mad Skillz.

(oh I totally would have a the badge posted here...but alas....photobucket still hate the heck out of me)

Skillz I admire:

Julie- You have rockin digital scrapbooking skillz girl. OH and she needs some love...her sweet Mason is sick sick sick....go give her some love, please.

Nap Warden- You my dear, as you know, have some serious Photoshop skillz!

So many of you are deserving of the awards, but I try to leave room for those I give them to to share them as well.

Lastly...It would rock my world if you would go read this little piece of literature. It could be the funniest thing I have ever read, or I just might be delirious. Click here!<

*** oh and don't forget I'm on Top Momma!

CLICK HERE!!!!! You know you want to. Click it a few times in fact. I get a referral each time you click the link, and a click each time you click on Sugar's sweet photo. Isn't that fun? I can't think of a single thing I should be doing today other than clicking. Can you? ***

13 Live It or Love It:

Unknown said...

Hey Corey! Thanks a bazillion for stopping by and chillin @ my blog! You rock. I've got you in my reader so I'll be around lots now :)

Very awesome blog!

~ Huckdoll

Beth Cotell said...

Thank you so much! I'm honored! I've enjoyed getting to know you better, too!

jennwa said...

Thank you for the award,I really appreciate it. And I love your blog too.

KatieBug said...

That Alli thing was SO funny I almost had a treatment effect! :)

the rotten correspondent said...

Congrats on the very deserved awards! That Alli thing almost makes me want to go have a Big Mac and...

I'm clickin'!

Autumn said...

Oh Corey, you always were the popular girl. Always winning awards. ;) You deserve them all, cause you do have mad skillz, and your totally bodacious.
I think your a crazy for not eating Chocolate, but that's ok.
I was lmao at the Alli thing.
Happy Friday!

Julie said...

Thank you for your sweet comments, Corey. I thoroughly enjoy this blog each day and appreciate your sweet spirit. Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

Pam said...

Yeah for Beth and Jennifer (Jennwa!), my real-life MOPS buddies!

I have to agree, that link was MIGHTY FUNNY!

Maude Lynn said...

Thank you, Corey!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Corey. I can't breathe! I am laughing so HARD! I made Kyle check the Alli effects, too, and he and I both think it is hysterical. Did you read Ryan's steakhouse one he linked to? Oh my gosh, I have not laughed so hard so much all at once in a long, long time.

Hey - congrats on your awards, you blogarina you! When are you going to create a Blogarina button for us? ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all your awards, although I think you are mad giving up chocolate. ;) Great photo for skinny.

Anonymous said...

OK- I had to come back- I just got done reading that Alli bit. The tears are streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. GOOD ONE!!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahh Corey, you are such a sweetie. Thanks you, and congrats on all the awards. And that link is hilarious, especially the one advising you to wear dark clothes. Like that would hide the erm, smell. Bimey. Who would ever want to try this stuff?

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