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Monday, September 29, 2008

Three Corners~ Reflections

I was completely and totally THRILLED when Lindy choice the theme of REFLECTIONS for the month of September. I love reflections, and I was excited to purposefully get out there and look for the reflections. LOOK I did.....SNAP I did not. Sigh....Have I mentioned that September is one of my busiest months of the year? My work launches into the next year, and the craziness begins. I am hardly home in the daylight hours during the week, and I seem to crash on the weekends. There has actually been as much as a WEEK between setting down my camera and picking it back up again. THAT is crazy for me. much as I'd like to say I took all these this month....I did not.

This first photo was taken in June. I wanted so badly to capture a reflection of a flower in a water droplet. I am not sure what my hang up was, but I found it exceedingly difficult. It seems like water droplets just don't hang around on the plants her. I actually had to create this droplet with my hose. I didn't get anything like I wanted, but this one sucks the least. tee hee


The second photo I took in August. I am forever interesting in the fun reflections at the beach. This photo made me smile because I adore that there is a lovely reflection behind her AND a shadow in front of her.


I did in fact take this last photo this month. I had a vision, and it didn't quite pan out because...well....I was working with a three year old, and things often do go as planned. If I find the time and energy, I will attempt this again. The idea behind this photo is, "A reflection of me!" Sugar Bear is the ultimate reflection of all that is the best of me.


Next time, The camera will not be showing in the mirror.

Please take some time to venture over to Lindy, and Jeanette's blogs this week, to see their take on the theme.

14 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

You put a lot of thought into your fantastic photos...and you have the most amazing relationship with your daughter. The time that can be spent when there is only one...

Anonymous said...

Love the 3 that you chose! The first one is amazing, and I thought about doing the same as your third one, but the kids wouldn't even play along! You're very lucky she's such a willing subject.

Anonymous said...

Great reflections, Corey! I love that last one!

holly said...

well i am shocked. creating water droplets with a hose. will you have NO SCRUPLES with this photography pursuit?

tsk tsk tsk (that's not the first time tonight i've tutted at someone, btw)


okay but seriously. love love love these shots. the peak of creativity, as always.

tommie said...

Love those shots....I remember dragging one of my FINE wine glasses out to do a inverted reflection in a glass of water this past spring when we were in Texas. I had concrete imprints on my knees from kneeling in front of my flower beds! What we won't go thru to get a shot?

Anonymous said...

I love them all!

Lindy said...

fantastic photos AS USUAL! I love the second one.

Mom said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

:) said...

Corey, The photos are amazing. They are the best I have ever seen. Please open a photography studio. You have such a talent for this.

david mcmahon said...

The first one's my favourite, Corey

Irene said...

Great reflections! The waterdrop is awesome!

I am sure there are a lot more waterdrops around you than you realize. Sometimes, I don't see them right away, but when I crouch down, and really start studying the plants, I start seeing a ton. I think, it also helps to go outside right after a rain when it is a bit humid. I assume the drops just evaporate much quicker.

Jaime said...

I absolutely love these pics. Way awesome!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I love these. The beach one is just gorgeous, the flower reflection breath taking and I love the idea behind the last one. I know you'll keep gong and capture what you want. It's what you do. :D

Anonymous said...

Love these shots, Corey! Especially the beach shot -- very cool how you got the reflection AND the shadow!

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