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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Longest Week EVER!

And it is totally not what you are expecting. You see...back on June 27th, I promised to share the latest effort to attain the PERFECT portrait. I teased you with thoughts of the Sugar and a poufy tutu....stated that I would post them in ONE WEEK, then just never got around to sharing the photos. Yup...I'm completely heartless like that.

But here I am...over 3 months later, holding up at least part of the bargain. It just might have been the LONGEST week EVER!

As much as I adore these photos of the Sugar playing peacefully in the tall grass, I most certainly did NOT capture what I was after.

There were several things stacked against me, the biggest being the fact that Sugar Bear had a rocking awful cold, and really wasn't feeling good at all. She loves to play outside, so she was more than willing to be in this fabulous surroundings, but the light wasn't in her eyes, and she certainly wasn't frolicking.

In fact, there were times when she was down right SOUR!

Her "he loves me....he loves me nots" ended often in the NOTS!

Yet, as always, she was consumed by the intricacies of nature.

She quietly examined each flower as if it were the first she has ever seen.

Honoring each one for the beauty it beholds.

I find myself understanding this line of thinking more and more, as I breath deeply the brilliance that is MY CHILD!

15 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

I need to do this with my daughter (or son). They both love to have their photos taken, but if I have them together it is total chaos. I need to take more meaningful photos like you do, and less of the "activities". The first and last are my favorites.

Beth Cotell said...

I love these pictures and I love the patriotic tutu!

Autumn said...

Wonderful shots of the Sugar Bear. I love the outfit!

AnnD said...

I don't know what you are after but they certainly do look fab to me!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! Love the first one... and the beauty of not getting the perfect shot is, of course, all the fun you'll have trying!

Maude Lynn said...

These are absolutely beautiful!

Christina said...

Oh yeah - I forgot you've been holding out on us. Shame on you!! ;o)

These are precious pictures - I adore her outfit, and you have the most glorious locations. I understnad what you mean that it doesn't capture THE image you were after, tho. But I do think some of them come close!

Anonymous said...

She is just so beautiful!! I love the last 3, even though she was feeling ill that day!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Those are gorgeous Corey, even with a poorly Sugarbear. And yes, she is brilliant. :D

holly said...

yes, well unfortunately you already owe me £1,883 in hospital bills because i held my breath so long my insides exploded.

it was worth it in the end...

tommie said...

Love the tutu shots in the wild daisies!

Did you make her tutu?

Gayle said...

Check this out...
Do you suppose you are the creater of good ideas?! I think so!

Cath said...

I just love how you celebrate her.
Keep it balanced because she will grow up, but oh how I wish I had shots like that to look back on. Mine are precious, but yours are special. Enjoy her while you can. I know you do. You do it so well.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Beautiful pictures, cold or no. She looks like a little fairy among the daisies. :-)

Deb said...

It may not have been the 'perfect portrait' you were after, but you so thoroughly capture the essence that is Sugar Bear (I can tell even without ever having met her!) that I think your pictures are the 'perfect' portrayal of her. :)

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