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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Version of a Perfect Day

Rest assured, my dear friends, I have NOT forgotten about the QUESTIONS you all asked in my 500th post.  I simply seem to be treating it exactly like many things in my life........I'm procrastinating.  You see, there are some really GREAT questions that were asked that really deserve GOOD answers.  Good answers take time, and often TIME is not something I have.  So those questions are just sitting there....hoping to be given some of Corey's attention.

Tonight, I decided I had a bit of time to tackle one of the questions Kim, of Beanish and Other Languages I'm Learning, asked. 

 What's my version of a perfect day? 

I tend to be a pretty darn simple person, but funny enough, I find that I have several versions of a perfect day.  Tonight, I'll share a day that was quite near perfect in everyway.

Back in late November (YES, I said November.  I am ALWAYS hopelessly behind in editing and sharing photos.), the family set out for a day together.  This particular day, we had a mission that we all could get behind.  We went hunting for a Christmas tree.   Having a common interest is something that makes a day perfect for me.  Often the three of us have entire different ideas in mind for our day, which makes it difficult.  It is when we all WANT to do the same thing that it feels so right.

We loaded up in our truck and headed off up a narrowly winding road, deep into the forest.  On a whim, The Hubby brought a fishing pole.  As per usual, I packed my camera.  Not too far into our adventure we reached a little lake that The Hubby likes to "check out".  We were ALL more than happy to have a rest stop.  


Soon, we were all doing out THANG!  

The Hubby was testing the waters. 


While Sugar observed.




Daisy excitedly bounded to and fro.


Sugar Bear busied herself with exploring.



I eagerly aimed my camera at everything, but the kitchen sink.  (Let's not kid ourselves....if there had been a kitchen sink....I would have shot that as well!)



After awhile, Sugar Bear convinced me to play a rousing game of, Hide and Seek.  We both love this game.  She is an absolutly wonderful counter...


and a joyous finder.....


and well.....hider she is still working on.


It just couldn't have been better. The Hubby was happy. The Dog was delighted. Sugar Bear was entertained, and I...well.....I was pretty darn satisfied to get a shot like this:

Gosh I love reflections! certainly was a perfect day.  After we left, we continued on our way to find a Tree, and happily traveled home to our nice warm house, for a cozy evening at home.  


P.S.  If you are a regular reader and haven't commented HERE, please take the time to do that.  I NEED YOU!

14 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

This sure does sound and look like a perfect family day to me!!
As always your little Sugar Bear put a smile on my face...she is such a special little one...I look forward to my mornings when I can check your blog and see that little face - lovely photo's - I also point my camera at everything!! LOL

Its hard living in a country where you cant speak, understand or read...but some how I manage ( with hubby )...when I go back home to Cape Town once or twice a year I feel alive and feel i'm living...its because I can speak to everyone anywhere and know where I'm driving, the countries rules etc...I look forward to my trips home...9 days to go now!

Gayle said...

Since I was about the only Hubby questionerer (is that a word?) I'm gussing the shots were for me. Still waiting to hear your answers..and didn't you ask for volunteers to a questionaire of your own that I was the first to? Hmmmm. (Smile girl)

Aspiemom said...

Wow, you got some great pictures! Looks like a great family outing.

Autumn said...

That sounds absolutely perfect! I love it when a day turns out that way. Gorgeous reflection picture. Hey thanks for all the comments on the pictures I loaded on FB. I really really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Simple perfection really is the best, and the weather must have been exceptional for November!

Oh... and be glad Sugar Bear hasn't mastered hiding yet... I remember having a baby sitter in tears because she couldn't find me... in our house (I was on top of the fridge)!

Unknown said...

Wow, I love all the pictures. You sure have a beautiful blog here!

Lindy said...

lovely lovely loooovely photographs!

Killlashandra said...

What a wonderful trip to the lake. Definitely a time to remember life is good and relax a bit. Daisy looks like she's waiting eagerly for that fish to be caught though. ;) Nice landscape or I should saw waterscape shots.

Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Id love THAT perfect day as well!

Ok-question...did you make your watermark in Photoshop? Do you have it saved? Can you help me so that I can have it on my photos?

Aunt Julie said...

Wow, your 500th Post? Congrats on that, galfriend! Love Sugar's Wellies, and her expressions...actually all the snaps, as per usual!

tommie said...

Those reflection shots are amazing!

Anonymous said...

That is a great day!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Tabitha Blue said...

I LOVE the reflections is the water... especially your first shot!!

And I have to know, what do you DO with ALL your photos? I'm going to have throngs of hard-drives I think.


Christina said...

That does sound like a pretty gosh darn great day! I can see the joy there. Nadia and I played hide and seek yesterday - or well, we sirta played it, she haven't quite figured it out yet!! LOL

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