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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

red alert!!!!!!!


Sunday, I posted about poor little Toby Cat.   We have not heard back from the lab yet, and things are looking pretty bad around here.  While Toby continues to hack, sniff and SNORT, in a fever induced stupor.....Daisy Dog suddenly starts to show symptoms.  She isn't feeling good at all.  


At the first sign of illness, Dr. Sugar Bear whipped out her medical bag and proceeded to exam Daisy. Her blood pressure appeared to be normal. That was good news.


However, her temperature was very high. Dangerously high!


A quick look in Daisy's ears detected that there was indeed NO MUD, like Toby had. The lack of mud confirmed that this was likely a feline to canine contamination. NOT good news! IT.IS.SPREADING!!!


Quickly, Dr. Sugar took a listen to Daisy's lungs and heart.   She even shh'd the mama, so that she could hear better.  This little doctor takes her exams VERY seriously.


It became exceedingly clear that Dr. Sugar Bear was very worried, when her head slumped forward in a bit of despair.  


I asked her what she had heard through the stethoscope, and she grimly replied, "two oinks, and a snort!"  


Daisy bravely watched as the Doctor measured out her medicine.


Doctor Sugar Bear explained to both Daisy and I, how the Motrin was intended to bring down the high fever, and ease the aches and pains.

Like the trooper that she is....Daisy took her meds without a fight.  


Just as Daisy let her guard down, Dr. Sugar dropped the vaccination bomb. Even though it is doubtful that this shot will help, she still feels it is worth a shot (pun not intended.)


With this exam complete, we shipped off more samples to lab, washed our hands 37.5 times, and took a lengthy bath in hand sanitizer.  Toby and Daisy have been quarantined together in the laundry room, and we anxiously await CONFIRMATION.

WE.ARE.VERY.WORRIED!!!!  Can't you tell?


Keep us in your thoughts, and stay at least 138 pig lengths away from our house.

18 Live It or Love It:

Childlife said...

LOL! And such a PATIENT patient too -- even with the syringe to her poor doggy noggin :D

Thanks for the much-needed giggle, Corey!

Janet said...

Oh what a precious post! Will be sure to remember to call on Dr Sugar if it spreads this way!

Marcelle said...

Oh my what a special yet amazing post, loved it so much, your photo's are fantastic and Sugar Bear is as adorable as ever....she can be my DR any day...:)

Berta said...

I can't tell if this is 'real' or 'Sugar Bear real'?!? I LOVE your black lab - one of my favorite breeds! She's beautiful - makes me want to go out and bring one home. We had to put ours down several years ago - the place has never been the same! Make sure Dr. Sugar Bear takes good care of her.

Bellevelma said...

Sugar Bear looks to be a lot more thorough than my present vet. Is she taking on new patients?

tavolini said...

LOL!! That is a hilarious post. I'm glad to see Sugar Bear is in good hands. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Corey, that was hilarious!!! Your doggies are SO tolerant! :D

Erin @ Furry Murray said...

LOVE it!! What a great dog and a budding veterinarian. :) Can't believe he took his "medicine." Hilarious!

Maude Lynn said...

This is the cutest post ever!

Christina said...

Two oinks AND a snort?! Oh dear, I'm really getting concerned. You just keep your germs away from my family. ROFL!

And? you must have the most patient, tolerant pets on earth!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Have missed visiting your blog. I can't believe how big Sugar has gotten in just a couple weeks of not making bloggy rounds.

Adorable photos from one of the most talented Mama photogs I know!


Nichole said...

LMAO!!! Too funny! I love it!!!

Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

Hahhaha-your dogs expression in the 1st pic made me giggle!!
What great animals you have!!

Tabitha Blue said...

This is just way to cute!! I love SB concentration while taking car of her patient. Love this :)

Killlashandra said...

That's absolutely adorable! What a wonderful doctor's play set she's got and Daisy really was the perfect patient. :)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Mwah ha ha ha haaaa. So now I know puss is ok. Hee hee.

Kaye Butler said...

I found you at I Heart Faces. I love this post. Daisy looks very worried.

Happy Mother's Day

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...


This is hilarious! I love the story each picture you took told! Your pictures have such clarity to them too.

Happy Mother's Day, friend!

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