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Friday, January 1, 2010

From R to Z

Day 109
(R is for REMOTE. We only got this shot because both the Sugar and The Hubby were in bed. Only time I touch the thing is to turn it off, these days.)


Day 110
(S is for SNOWMAN. I have a very special place in my heart for all things SNOWMEN. They are just toooooo cute.)


Day 111
(T is for TOES. Yeah...mama has chubby toes.)


Day 112
(U is for UNICORN. Oh of Sugar's interests. She really wants to see one at the zoo next time.)


Day 113
(V is for VASE. I have a nice collection of vases. Now I need to start growing flowers.)


Day 114
(W is for WINDOW. Sugar Bear helped me figure out the "w" word for the day. I rather like the moon showing through.)


Day 115
(X is for X-MAS. I am NOT a fan of using that term, but I have to admit it came in handy on Christmas Eve.)


Day 116
(Y is for YELLOW YARN. Sugar Bear really enjoyed wrapping up poor little kitty.)


Day 117
(Z is for ZIPPER. This is a new velour jacket Sugar Bear got from her Grandma. We love hot pink.)


So...that wraps up the 26 letters of the alphabet, but there were 5 more days in December. I'll be sharing those shots soon.

7 Live It or Love It:

Aspiemom said...

These are so fun to see.

Tabitha Blue said...

I agree, they really are so fun! I love that window one with the moon peeking in. Fun series!!

Happy New Year, Corey!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the snowman. Adorable! The Bean would be right there with Sugar to see a unicorn at the zoo. According to her, they are her "favorite!"

inkyblog said...

what a cute idea! i love them oxo

Unknown said...

You are so very creative. I just love your alphabet. I think you should add your post to ABC Wednesday this week. Everyone would just LOVE you there.

Christina said...

I'm a little bit sad that the alphabet only has 26 letters...I don't want these creative pics to end!

so I wanna know the story behind your turtle toe ring?

Martha said...

I love your kitty project. I stopped over from "The White House". Your photography is amazing. I will be following you now, and will come back when I have more time to browse through your blog!

Happy New Year.

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