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Sunday, January 31, 2010

When this mama gets her Craft on.....Sugar gets her girly on!

ummmmm....back in early November, I got a crazy idea in my head, and went thrifting. It took me a few weeks to find what I was looking for (only because I'm seriously CHEAP!), but when I did, I was giddy with excitement. What was this object of my desire, you ask?????? It was THIS.....


Yup...that silly looking sweater. I'm not ashamed to say that I did a little dance when I stumbled across it. You see, when shopping at the thrift shop, I'll only look at the items that are 50% off that week, so to finally stumble upon this item, I was exuberant. It was only $2.30.

I had the perfect project in mind for this sweater, and I set to work right away. What I'll have to wait, because it has NOT turned out as I planned, and I have some major reworking to do. In fact, it has sat unfinished for...ummmm...2 months now. BUMMER. While I lost some interest in it, I'm sure I'll regroup soon, and finish it up. I was just so bummed out when I had been so very excited for the outcome.

However.....not too long after my messed up attempt, I ran across a little tutorial that made this all so very worth it. The minute I saw it....I ran for my piles of sewing stuff, and began chucking odds and ends over my shoulder until I found what I was looking for. YES.... there is was. The leftover bits of sweater from my failed project! SCORE!

I set to work, and I have to say....I couldn't be more pleased. Best $2.30 I ever spent!


Isn't that the cutest little hat you have ever seen?


If not, don't tell us....cause we are loving it.


Now if we only had appropriate weather to wear it in. Sugar runs HOT....and just can't wear a hat for very long unless it is FREEZING out.....and we have been having a very mild winter. (not that we ever have a NOT mild winter.)


but with a hat this cute....I am almost wishing we lived where it least a little bit.

Jan2310_0022ew I'll admit that I'm NOT a fan of being I probably wouldn't survive if I lived where is snows....but I am just itching to see this hat in action.




It makes our hearts light.


And our giggles come freely.






I'm willing to entertain the idea that it is a little less about the hat, and a little more about the girl....


But, then I just might be sounding like a broken record around here again. ♥


Who knew that a thrifted sweater could bring us so much JOY?

22 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

YOU ARE JUST TOO CLEVER!!!!!!!!!!! the fun photo's of Sugar Bear....such a delight...what a way to start my Monday seeing that little face full of joy!!

Janet said...

Oh I LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it! SB's face tells the story of pure enjoyment!

Gayle said...

You are so clever...and thrifty. I find you amazing and amusing all at the same time! :) Sugar is looking so grown-up in these photos. He face has gone from "baby" to "little girl".

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh you are so talented!! Love that hat! And I know SB does too, look at those faces!!! :)

April said...

I love this!!! That was a wonderfully creative way to use that sweater!!!!

On a different note another blog had these great products that I thought you might be interested in: I can't wait to buy some of them for the summer...the mosquitos were aweful last year and I didn't have the heart to put Off on them so they spent a lot of time inside hiding from them.

Deb said...

Oh very cute hat - great job of re-using something like that. I never would've realized it wasn't simply knit as a (cute!) hat to begin with. :)

Oh, and I'll gladly send you any of our cold weather anytime you want it... My girls definitely get plenty of wear out of their hats. And scarves. And gloves. ;)

Jen said...

That hat is TOO cute. I am definitely making one now.

Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

Adorable! I'm glad your mishap turned into a complete success. If we had winter at all maybe I'd make one :)

Tanya said...

Corey, my heart is smiling right now. I love love the last pic!!

KJ said...

Hat? Very cute.
Girl? Freakinadorable.

Marka said...

That's great! Makes me want, more than ever, to finish the three cross-stitch wedding projects I have going. You have wonderful creativity! Cheers!

Joanna said...

What a great series. I love the giggles and goofiness (the hat too)! And your header.....Wowza...So cute!

Donetta said...

Too cute. That was a great idea! Nice outcome. Hope all is well.

Christina said...

Oh my yes! That had is pure fabulousness! Crafty is good - crafty and thrifty is even better!

Unknown said...

THAT IS THE COOLEST HAT EVER! Oh, and the best $2.30 ever spent. Seriously, I want one...for me! Although my girls would probably have to steal it the minute they saw it. Well, done...It is perfect.

inkyblog said...

i love it!! it's the cutest thing ever and your pics are just so gorgeous and filled with light - i love them all

Kimberly said...

$2.30? A girl after my own heart. And yes, it's every bit as fabulous and you and your daughter think it is!

Sue said...

I adore the third photo!! what a ham!

Anonymous said...

That's one of my favorite set of pictures I've seen on your blog. The sweater is awesome, SB is awesome, and you are a magician!

Jen said...

I hate to burst your bubble Corey, but when you actually live where it snows and is cold out, cute hats like that just. don't. cut. it. LOL sadly, cute hats are rarely warm enough for a really cold winter :-( But she is lovely in it, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get some cold-ish days ahead so that Sugar can make the most of your beautiful creativity!

oz said...

They're BOTH precious...incredible job!

Anonymous said...

That is THE most adorable hat I've ever seen! Sugar just makes it cuter!

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