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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why are they poisoning our kids?

I don't often use my blog to discuss all the things that worry me....or just plain piss me off, but sometimes I just can't let things go by without passing it on. I am forever reading more and more articles that send my heart racing at the inadequacy of our Food and Drug Administrations in keeping us from harm. Recent news about CADMIUM, spurred me to compose this post. I used to worry a lot about the LEAD in all the toys and trinkets. I'm aware, and shop accordingly, but now, come to find out, manufacturers are replacing lead with CADMIUM, which is actually MORE dangerous. Not only is it a neuro-toxin, it is a carcinogen. You have got to be kidding me!

I have always been a worrier, but one of the big things I have been tackling since Sugar Bear has been born (actually since I was pregnant with her) is her chemical exposure. Children absorb way more chemicals from their surroundings than adults. Their little bodies are growing at a rapid rate, and their cells are reproducing quickly. I simply can not be responsible for allowing her little body to absorb all the poison in our world. I do lots of little things, and some big things to prevent as much of the exposure as I can. Some things are just too hard to fight, so I take it in baby steps, and hope for the best.

Here is a list of some of the things I do or don't do in an effort to reduce her chemical exposure. You will find that I have linked to many of the reasons behind my choices.

Only natural soaps are used by Sugar and I for bathing and washing hands.

-I only bathe Sugar twice a week (unless extremely dirty)

-I only wash Sugar's hair once a week, and
only use natural shampoo.

-Only natural lotions and creams are used for her skin.

Only Natural toothpaste is used.

-0nly Natural
nail polish and remover are used.

-Only use natural
sunscreen and insect repellent.

-Only products that are
fragrance free are used on Sugar Bear.

-I limit the use of artificial fragrance on myself.

use natural deodorant or techniques on myself.

-I limit the use of chemical based cleaners in our home, and I'm hoping to phase into using only
natural cleaners in the future.

-I do not allow
cheap play makeup to be used by Sugar. Only natural based lip gloss.

cheapie fake metal jewelry in our home.

-I limit most toys from dollar stores in general.

-I do not allow
artificial sweeteners in our food.

-I limit Sugar Bear's consumption of
food dyes.

-Sugar Bear's bedding and sleep wear must be
free of flame retardants.

-I limit the
use of plastic food or beverage containers in our home, and never heat up food in plastic containers.

-Sugar uses a Klean Kanteen for her portable beverage container.

-I do not allow Sugar to
use my cellphone. On rare occasions she might talk to grandma using the wired earpiece, but she is not allowed to hold the actually phone.

-I only use my cellphone with the wired ear piece, and I do not keep it near my body, EVER.

(I am certain I am forgetting something, but I wanted to get this typed up and out there as soon as possible.)

The links I provided here were found quickly doing Internet searches. They were not the original material that convinced me to make the changes I have made. While I am fully aware that some of the articles might be unfounded, it is clear to me that chemical exposure is NOT worth the risk. I can not completely eliminate the chemicals in our home, but I can greatly reduce our exposure, and that is my intent.

Basically, if I know about it....and have another option, I'll make the change. I figure if there is any doubt, I might as well do all I can to limit the exposure. There are several areas that I am currently in the process of switching out the old for the new:

-Only using natural dish soap.

-Only using natural laundry detergent.

-Finding a natural flea control system for our pets.

-Moving away from cooking with Teflon.

If you have any questions are want further information on any of the things I do, and why, please feel free to ask them via comment or email.

I will follow-up this post in the near future with one that highlights some of our favorite products we have found.

8 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

Interesting post today! We wonder why so many little ones get cancer at early ages, and some BORN with it?? It is so important to be aware and to research these things. I am intersted in you not cooking with teflon? I am going to do some research on that - maybe it's time to turf those teflon covered pans I have! Thanks for "teaching" me something new today and good luck and well done on keeping SB protected.

Donetta said...

Orange oil Corey for the critters.

Gayle said...

I do know Teflon will kill birds if overheated. (I used to have a lot of birds indoors).

I was most curious about the flame retardant sleep wear. I read the article and two major things listed were car seats and furniture. I know you are a huge car seat advocate and I'm guessing you have furniture so how are you dealing with this?

While I believe the obvious cautions are necessary in this world I think you could drive yourself crazy worrying about all the things that could possibly harm your child. One day it's okay, the next day it kills you, then it is banned and then they decide they were wrong and it is okay again. A person could worry unnecessarily and really affect the personality of the child they are "protecting". I think our genetic make-up determines much of what happens in our else do you explain a person who never smokes getting lung cancer at 35 and a smoker (my mom) still going at 72? Or the ultra-healthy runner who drops dead of a heart attack at 27 vs the guy who is obese living to his 70's.

My point is you are a good mom who gives lots of love...don't drive yourself nuts protecting sugar from everything out there otherwise you'll have her living in a bubble. I (to your dismay) am the exact opposite...we are exposed to all kinds of germy stuff and this family of seven gets sick once a year...twice every few years. Anyhow...passion is good, just don't make yourself nuts about it.

(Sorry I rambled, but I feel really comfortable with you).

Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

Wow....good eye opener.
So do tell, what shampoo and soap do you use?
The #1 on that site they said was bad was head and shoulders and thats what I use on the lil one. *sigh*
I use it after other stuff broke her skin out.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for all the info. I want to know what kind of soap and shampoo you use as well. Share!
As a crafter I have to be careful about which materials I use. I used to do a lot with polymer clay but haven't since the kids came around. As my hubby has pointed out 'non-toxic' only means that less than half the rats died.

Autumn said...

Great post Corey. My family was organic before it became so main stream. I used to hate the fact that when I was little I'd open my lunch box to all natural foods, wheat bread, apple slices and home made cookies and my friends had wonder bread and packaged treats. Now I thank my lucky stars that my parents where that forward thinking. I try so hard to limit things for Bug, there are some huge reasons that I absolutely have to for him that I won't go into here but shoot me an email if you want to know. As far as cleaners my family has used Seventh Generation products for a many years. My stepmom used to make her own soaps, lotions and such. I know I could do so many more things but I try to focus on the stuff that I use every single day and relax a bit on the other stuff.

Corey~living and loving said...

So glad that some of you found this information helpful. that was my goal. It won't interest everyone, but some it just might.

I also want you all to know that I don't lose sleep over any of this. It is what it is. I educate, and change what I can. Obviously MANY things I can do nothing about, like carseats, but the things I can easily change. I do.

I will be writing a post about some of the products I do use, soon.

Christina said...

What a lot of great info and links! Thanks Corey.

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