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Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Good

-Baking cookies with my girl.

-Finishing a good book, knowing there is another in the series waiting on my bedside table.

-Listening to a kitty cat purr with your ear on his soft tummy.

-Yelling into a fan to hear your voice warble.

-A sparkling clean kitchen sink.

-Holding a bunny.

-Being the first to take a bit out of the curly Q in the margerine container.

-Finding the perfect tutorial online to use up an old t-shirt and some fabric that has been sitting around WAY too long.

-A brand new permanent marker.

-Two weeks until summer break!

-Making new friends.

-The constantly creative mind of a five year old.

-Being loved.

-Having HOPE that things that are not ideal can change.

-Being free from illness.

-Planting flowers with my child, and watching them bloom.

-Hula hoopin' the old fashioned way.

-Moments to myself to think of all the things that make this life so so sooooo very good!

Princess Gabriella......This girl is my hero.....enough said!

2 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

This list should go viral, it's so perfect! I especially love the margarine one.

Christina said...

It's not just good - it's VERY good! smiling and nodding along with all these happy things. I love your lists. :)

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