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Monday, May 10, 2010

It's a little Scrappy Bee

I'm thrilled to announce that Jessica, from Happy Together will soon have a fun pattern available for all. Previously, I have had the honor of making Jessica's Octopus pattern, and the Modern-tie shirt, TWICE. I was beyond thrilled when Jessica contacted me again with something to test sew. Sadly, I took forever to get it done. Life just got in the way, this time. Luckily, she was patient with me, and I'm forever grateful. The Scrappy Bee, is a seriously fun project. You get to take bits and pieces of leftover stuff, and put it all together to make a super cuddly little stuffed animal for a little person (or big person) you know and love.

You might recognize the fabrics I used from several other projects I have completed. I am a VERY thrifty person, so it thrills me to use up all the odds and ends I have tucked here and there in my house.


This little bee is a HIT with The Sugar. She hasn't named her yet, but I'm sure that is coming soon. These photos truly prove that:

She Likes it!


She Loves it!


She wants some more of it! (tee hee)



Not only is this stuffy fun to cuddle, it is full of adventure. Flap the wings.

Make her soar.

Then back to the good stuff....the hugs. ♥

And kisses. ♥

It really melts my heart to see my girl get so much joy out of something I made for her. She is always eager to take it to pre-school, and show her friends what "her mama made!"

Sugar Bear definitely gives this pattern a THUMBS UP! She only has one suggestion, "it needs a stinger!" tee hee

Thank you, again, Jessica. It is a pleasure working with you.
I'll be sure to let everyone know when the pattern will be available in your Etsy shop.

7 Live It or Love It:

Marka said...

That looks like a great project! You can see in Sugar Bear's eyes her love of it and her love for the person who made it for her. Cheers!

Unknown said...

So precious! I love seeing how happy she is with your creations :) Thank you for all your hard work and help!

Sue said...

I can't believe how much Sugar has grown since I started reading your blog...about a year ago...she is growing up so fast...he face has changed a LOT these last couple of months I think. What a cutie!

Gayle said...

Great that you found some time to create something special for Sugar. I'm sure she's very grateful.

Marcelle said...

I know I'm meant to comment on your sewing abilities, but sorry, when I open your blog all I see is the most gorgeous little girl that fills my heart with love and if I'm feeling down - seeing her face and that joyful smile lifts my spirit...
She did that to me today...xx

Cara said...

That is just too cute and you can tell she loves it.

Beth Cotell said...

What a cute bee! And great pictures of Sugar!

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