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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sugar Bear's little Friends

In yesterday's post, I asked you to try to figure out WHAT Sugar Bear was playing with. It wasn't you really can't see anything at all, but....if you look at what she is doing, it really isn't hard to figure out that is appears to be something alive. I suspected that a few would say "frog" and or "bug". In was a BABY SNAKE.

There are three baby Gardener snakes that live under a Baseball Tee in our yard. At any point in time, Sugar Bear can venture out there, lift the Tee, and pick up one of the snakes. She does this.....OFTEN. Several times a week.....almost every day. She love love loves her baby snakes.


One in particular is most tolerant of her play. He is featured in the photo below. He can be easily told apart from the others by his injured tail. NO Sugar did not cause the injury, but she sure as heck feels sorry for him. I do, too. It has healed up nicely, but it isn't the same. We should call him Stumpy.


If you look REALLY closely to the photos I post just yesterday, you'll see that it appears that something.....went down her sleeve. Hmmm....wonder what that was?

Really it is a mystery. We'll likely never know.

Mar2010_0196ew I know a few of you just had to turn away....and some of you might have vomited in your mouth just a little. Maybe you just shrieked...and woke your whole household. I'm sorry for that, but I simply could NOT pass up the opportunity to capture this moment in time for my darling Sugar Bear. She is amazing. She has always been so very curious about nature, and seemingly fearless of what it has to offer. I have worked hard to hold back my own own fears, and let her choose for herself.



She is such a nature girl. We both learn so much from her little adventures. I am grateful for these experiences. It has truly enriched my life.
Life is GOOD!

13 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

Will come back later today as I cant see the photo's!!!!!!

Janet said...

Me too! Can't see anything, but sure was shocked at the story!! What a brave girl - eeeeeek!!

Tabitha Blue said...

Wow, you did a great job with those photos! So crisp and clear. I can only imagine how little that snake was being in SB's little hands!

Jen said...

Yeah, you are one brave momma. Her adventurous nature sure does make for some fantastic photos.

Autumn said...

Yay for baby snakes! Bug loves holding baby snakes. Larger snakes give him pause, but he loves holding the little ones. You got some great shots. I love that she let it go up her sleeve .. teehee!

Jessie said...

I have to say I went "Eww". We have copperheads occasionally in our backyard b/c we live on a lake. Thankfully most of the ones we have are black snakes and not poisonous but the copperheads worry me. I tell my girls to stay away for that reason. I love each and every shot and I also love that you let her explore like that. Beautiful Corey :)

Marcelle said...

Firstly...B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T PHOTOGRAPHY...The best!!!!!!!

Then...OMG a snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm petrified and look at your nature child...she is handling that snake without a care in the world.

Kimberly said...

Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my! I'm a big freakin baby and could hardly look. Yay for you for letting Sugar Bear choose how she feels for herself. I don't think I could!

April said...

It just makes me squeamish to see it. I know it really is okay to play with them, but ewwww!!!

Gayle said...

I am so glad I do not have snakes in my yard. Ewww! But you do so I guess it's a good thing your daughter likes them.

Joanna said...

I agree with Fresh Mommy. I was so thinking how wonderfully crisp and clear the shots are along with the great lighting. Although I am not a big fan of little creatures, it is part of childhood. Good for you for letting her play.

Molly said...

Those are some of the most amazing pictures! I think they may be some of my most favorite you have taken - so crisp, so clear...and the color? WOW!

And you are a better mother than me - as much as I hope I would be able to let my kids "play" with a baby snake, I am just not sure I could? ...and I kind of never really want to find out.

Christina said...

Eeeeek! ;o) Yes indeed, I think you've done a very good job letting her explore and nurturing that sense of adventure. I'm not so keen on the subject of these photos, but still - so crisp! so clear! nice work!

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