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Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Steps


Starting Kindergarten~ Author unknown

A, B, C, D, E Kindergarten's where I want to be

F, G, H, I, J Learn to read and write each day

K, L, M, N, O Boys and girls we like to know

P, Q, R, S, T Sharing books with you and me

U, V, W, X, Y Now it's time to say goodbye

Z, Z, Z, Z, Z Kindergarten's where I want to be!

A few weeks back, little Miss Sugar Bear headed off on a dark and gloomy September morning for her first day of Kindergarten. The weather was definitely NOT an indication of her mood. She was bright eyed and bushy to go!

Being that her school seemed to start MUCH later than any other school I know, I had plenty of time to mentally prepare myself for this BIG day. Never the less....watching her bound up these big steps to the entrance of her school, I couldn't help but feel like I somehow came to this day at warp speed. How on earth was my little honey starting Kindergarten? Wasn't it just yesterday we had baby gates on all the stairs, for fear of her crawling over, and rolling down them?

Wasn't she just taking her very first actual BABY STEPS last week? Now I'm standing here watching her take this really big step towards independence......oh my. While I didn't cry, I did find myself absorbed in memories.

While I struggled to keep in the MOMENT.....I found myself over and over again remembering all the little steps that got us to this very day. She is ready......she is excited....she is thirsting for MORE. I am ready.....i think......I am excited....i think....I am wanting MORE for her....I KNOW.

So off she went, with a constant reminder of mama's love attached to her back pack, and plenty of encouraging words. She started her day, meeting up with old friends, and excited for the possibility of new ones.

Listening to instruction....towing the line......

Reaping the rewards of a nourishing breakfast, with good company.

My little baby is a BIG GIRL now....and I am reminded each day of the wonder that she is. She is, by in large, the very best person I know. She gives things thoughtful consideration, and moves forward with confidence....usually. Sometimes.....things trip her up, and we are finding that the "big School" has more challenges, but watching her confidence blossom each day has been an honor. Such an amazing honor.

Her teacher is a wonderful woman with lots of experience, and I have been please with how welcoming she has been to me as a parent. We are thrilled to have her, and even more excited to have a small class of 18 students. I had spent the summer mentally preparing myself for 25-30 kids, as that has been the norm in the past several years. What a pleasant, and happy surprise it has been.

It has been so fun to hear stories depicting the "goings on" of Sugar's class, and learning about her new friends. I relish seeing their glowing little faces each morning, when I drop off my little learner.

Children can be so eager to learn, and I love an environment that does it's best to encourage their curiosity. It is my hope that Sugar Bear holds on to her thirst for knowledge.

Being the mom that I am.......I simply couldn't miss the opportunity to see Sugar get on and off the bus her very first day. It was such a treat to see her smiling face come back down those BIG STEPS, and load up on her bus. What a big girl.

I let her bus get on it's way....and I headed on over to her daycare to greet her as she departed from the bus.

Watching her clomp right down those steps made my heart beat fast with admiration for her independence. It had been her first BIG DAY, and she had been successful. No problems. Success!

Totally awesome success!

We are Blessed!

14 Live It or Love It:

Deb said...

Oh that brought me back to Abby's first day of kindergarten - and this year I sent her off to fourth grade! Even Hannah is in second grade this year. Next year will be Becca's year for kindergarten, but I'm sure it'll be here before I know it.

Miss Sugar Bear is such a beautiful, confident young lady - I hope she's having an amazing time in school this year! :)

Beth Cotell said...

Yay Sugar! Yay Corey! I'm sure she will have a wonderful year!

Childlife said...

Oh, I'm all teared up now -- she CAN'T be that grown up! Can she? *sigh*

I've run out of synonyms for "adorable" for that girl of yours!


bBchronicles said...

What a FUN, FUN POST! I have to tell you, my favorite photo - your photo in the plastic 'badge' hooked to Sugar Bear's backpack!!!! LOVE IT! I can remember taking my oldest son to his first day of kindergarden - I cried ALL THE WAY HOME . . . he's 40 now!!!!!! hahaha! The memories NEVER go away.

You up for a 'challenge' this week, partner?

Anonymous said...

YOU might not have cried but I think you made all the rest of us cry! It's so hard to feel such opposite emotions at once--pride at your child's growth while missing your baby so badly.

mariqia said...

Wow she is doing good.

Jen said...

I am totally convinced that it is SO much harder on us then it is on them. They are so resilient and eager to learn. They just take the next step in stride. I love the little photo of you two on her backpack. What a sweet reminder.

Autumn said...

I'm cracking up at the comments because I was going to write the same thing. YOU may not have cried but I got all teary reading this post! She just looks so BIG, sitting in that classroom with all the other kids. I think it's fantastic that she has a small class. I'm so happy that she likes it and it doing well. I hope the whole year goes smoothly for you both! :)

Heidi said...

Why do YOUR first day of kindergarten pictures bring tears to MY eyes? You captured it: All mothers feelings on that first day of school. The keychain photo was a delight to see! Really, I'm with you....I still remember your first photos of her as a baby....She's PRECIOUS!

Marcelle said...

where oh where has the time gone...she is a big girl now, look at her walking up those stairs, standing around with friends...bye mommy, see u later!!!!!!!!!

Jeanette said...

Aww that's bittersweet!
Love the photos :)

Christina said...

That really is a BIG step!! But somehow, I am not at all surprised that SugarBear handled it all so well. Love it that you got so many great pictures of her school day...I don't have any of Nadia during class time! Congrats to both of youfor a great start to what's sure to be great year!

Lindy said...

Can you believe it?!?!? Squidge started school this year too and she's only 4- makes me sad that my little baby is growing up. Looks like HoneyBear is enjoying herself- long may it continue!

inkyblog said...

ohhhh i got teary... these pics are so delightful and beautiful and you can feeeel the love and pride and emotion and heartstrings tugging. she is so blessed to have you, Corey -these pics will mean the world to her and her kids and her grandkids, etc etc etc. you're a lovely lovely Mommy :)

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