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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am.........


all my Internet friends! Oh my....who would of thought I'd STILL not have Internet at home. I guess they do mean business! Ho......HUM! A person never really knows how much they use the Internet until it is taken away from them. It has been 13 days...and it feels like a year. I am forever thinking, "oh....I'll just look that up on the Internet real quick!.....oh wait....I can't!" Man....I am so dependant on it. Can't wait to have it back! So projected outlook in this department.


to open my google reader. Seriously.......13 days.....there will easily be like a bazillion and seven blog posts in there. Maybe even a bazillion and eight. What am I going to do? I hate the whole close your eyes, clutch your chest, and hit "mark all as read" button routine, but there is just no way around it this time. Sorry, friends! :(


editing pictures of everything you all are missing out on during the "great Internet debacle of 2010". Seriously, folks, we have been having some good times. Can't wait to share all the pics!


to announce that Sugar Bear is doing FABULOUS these days. Kindergarten is going well! Dance class is fun! Back to her regular Daycare in the is GOOD. Really, really, really GOOD!


of Miss Sugar Bear. Oh very proud! This weekend we put the pedals on her balance bike, and she just took off riding like a pro. It was AMAZING! I purchased
this bike for her when she was 3, after reading a bit about the theory behind balance bikes. Unfortunately for Sugar Bear, I then proceeded to give her VERY limited time to ride her balance bike. It just isn't convenient where we live. Our driveway is a long gravel hill, and our road is wet and muddy most of the year. In late August, we dusted her bike off, and started using it a bit on our road. I then sent it to grandma's house for a week, where she has a bit of cement to ride on. Then out of the blue, this past weekend, Sugar Bear jumped on her cousin's regular bike without training wheels and just took off pedaling. I am so shocked and amazed. I am a firm believer in the balance bike. We put her pedals on as soon as we got home on Sunday, and off she went, with no help at all. LOVE IT!


to have been trusted, yet again, with capturing all the fabulous moments of a wedding. This past Saturday, I shot for 13 and a half hours at a friend's wedding. It was probably the most challenging thing I have done in my photography journey yet, but by far the most rewarding. I set a VERY high bar for myself, and really had to push myself to perform. I am working like a mad woman on the edits, and can't wait to share the results. It was such a wonderful experience.


just plain ol' blessed. Life is good, oh yes it is!

6 Live It or Love It:

Tanya said...

Noooo internet???? I think I just had palpitations!!! lol!!

Jen said...

Whoa. 13 days without internet is crazy. I am not sure I could handle it. I would probably be a lot more productive though!! Can't wait to see the pictures of all that have missed.

bBchronicles said...

That would FEEL LIKE 10 years!!!!! We get pretty spoiled having the internet - sometimes I think I just need to turn it off for a few days and then I'm running to the computer for this or that before I know it!!!


Autumn said...

Yay! Good golly I've missed your blogging! :)
That is so awesome that Sugar is riding her bike. Go Sugar! So glad she is liking school.
I can't wait to see some more wedding pictures. So exciting!

Christina said...

two weeks without internet?? Are you on meds by now? ha!
You've got so much other good stuff going on to distract you, tho. :o)

Marcelle said...

Great to hear from you again, I am missing your photo updates....You are a natural with that camera so know everything you photograph turns to Gold.

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