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Thursday, September 9, 2010



Oh so very, very tired these days. Sleep is a struggle in our house right now. Sugar Bear has been suffering from night time anxiety that started quite suddenly when I went back to work a month ago. It appears to be a form of separation anxiety, stemming from being together nearly 24/7 all summer, then being apart for 5 days in a row, then two days home, then 5 days away....rinse and repeat. Poor girl is just feeling so insecure right now, and is having lots of worries and tears every single night. At precisely 3:30 am I find her at the edge of my bed, every.single.time. She needs me....and I'm working on meeting her needs. It is my belief that if her needs are met, she will be less needy. We are looking forward to a regular schedule starting next week. Consistency and familiarity will go a long way to solving our problems. I just know it.


Long work days.....and lots of activities are wearing me down. I just want to settle in, and get in the rhythm of every day life. Having 3 different wake up times a week, and 4 different get home killing me. My sleep is alllll messed up, and I don't like it. boo hiss......


Despite all of the above......I am hopelessly bad at going to bed at a decent hour. Sigh.....I'm reading a book right now that has kept me up an hour and a half past my bedtime 3 nights in a row. Luckily...I'll finish it tonight. It isn't really that the story is so is more that the writer has this way of creating suspense at the end of each chapter, which sends me right on the next chapter. I just can't put it down.


2 pm is my "sleepy time". Seriously...I could take a nap every single day at that time. My eyes get droopy, my body mind slows....and I can't concentrate on anything. It is awful when I'm at work. I have to walk away from my desk......and yawn and yawn....and walk. If I'm driving....I totally have to stop and run around my truck for a few minutes. It is not just a drowsy, it is like exhausted. Yet, at 10 PM, I am WIDE wake. I mean shockingly WIDE awake! What is that about? A second wind or something? Sheesh.....


NO blogging this blog reading this week....tooo tired. I'm seriously hoping to be up and at em' next week, though! I've got so much to blog about. But seriously....gotta go to sleep. (after finishing my book, though...tee hee...will I ever learn?)


7 Live It or Love It:

Aspiemom said...

I can relate. Sometimes I feel too tired to take a breath. And I have insomnia PLUS I can't put down a good book!

Poor SB! That's really hard at that age. Ryan went through that. I hope you both get into the sync quickly.

What are you eating for lunch? Sometimes too many bad carbs will give you a dive mid-afternoon.

Autumn said...

Oh Core, I sure hope that Miss Sugar will loose her anxiety once she settles into Kindy. I'm sure that the instability and anticipation is not helping the situation. Oh and 2pm is so my sleepy time too. Some days I take a late lunch just so I can take a cat nap for 15 minutes. Gosh that makes me feel old! :P Big old Hugs to you and Sugar. Hope you both find your groove soon!

Kerstin said...

Corey -take your time for your and Sugar Bear - I am sure she will find her way "back" when she gets used to the new routine.....
I don't know if you can compare with that but I am tired too since I have my two puppies - its like having two little babies (I think) - going up every night as they are whining because they want to make their poo and pee - then going up at 6.30 again as the puppies are "ready to be entertained and hungry"...
My daily routine has completely changed and I don't have the time for "me" - so everything is done in a rush and hurry... But hopefully I am "back on track" in a few weeks and looking into their eyes in the morning makes me forget every single kind of "stress" I think I have...
See you

Lisa said...

I hear you.
I am so tired too.

May her routine settle in and may you all feel well rested.

bBchronicles said...

Okay, young lady - hand me THAT book and go straight to BED!!! I realize you're at work, but do it any way!!!!!!! TIRED is my middle name! Take care partner!

Christina said...

me too! Too many late nights studying...waking up tired...promising to go to bed at a decent time...and doing it again. hehehe!

Ashley said...

I'll send a prayer or two your way Corey. Poor critter! You are a great, patient momma from what I can see. It will pay off soon!

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