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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Week 9


The first shot was taken on November 28th. At the risk of seriously annoying my friend (you know who you are), I'm gonna say it ONE MORE TIME! The movie TANGLED is the BEST movie ever. I would totally marry it if I weren't already spoken for. You HAVE to go see 3D! HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!

The second shot was taken on November 29th. again. I know, I know...but this was a new recipe....and it was a winner. You are looking at a really easy crab tart type thingy. Yes, that is the official name, and it was like little pieces of heaven. ♥

The third shot was taken on November 30th, and I'm pretty sure no one could ever guess what this is. I spent the ENTIRE day with my bum bum glued to my office chair and THIS is a photo of my bum print on my chair. yes......I did take a picture of THAT.

The fourth shot was taken on December 1st. This was a wonderful day. I took a nice break from my job, and took some more photos for a local physical therapy place. It was such an honor to be trusted with this responsibility.

The fifth shot was taken on December 2nd, and I did nothing of interest all day long, but grabbed this quick shot as I delivered some Pamper Chef products to a friend. She was a dear and ordered some stuff from my recent catalog show.

The sixth shot was taken on December 3rd, and this marks the day that I finally renewed my drivers license. I'm been driving around on a temporary license since September, and successfully put off actually getting the read deal taken care of for nearly the entire 3 months the temporary would last. I am the BEST procrastinator EVER!

The seventh shot was taken on December 4th. This marked the day that the Christmas season official begins to feel real for the Sugar and I. We spent our afternoon at the local Christmas Opry show, and LOVED.EVER.MINUTE.OF.IT! The singing.....the dancing.....and the comedy. Good times.

4 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

I'm seriously jealous of all your fun. It seems as if this year will pass (again) without shows or cheer or fun. You know, eight kids + presents = broke beyond belief. And I haven't even bought them anything yet. I want to eat that thingy right now! It looks good and I am hungry! Hope you have another great week.

Autumn said...

Looks like a lovely week. If you have time this week can you shoot me an email? I could really use a sounding board and would love to hear your voice of reason. :)

Anonymous said...

Could you clarify something for you LOVE Tangled?? Lol. You crack me up! And for the record my guess was pretty close on the butt print pic. :) -H

Christina said...

We just saw Tangled yesterday, and totally loved it too! We skipped the 3d tho...that disorients me!
Pic #3 cracks me up!! But I think I'd edge you out for the Best Procrastinator Ever prize!

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