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Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Holiday Thoughts

-My favorite holiday movie is "Elf". I saw it in the theater with a wonderful friend, and it just brings a warm, happy feeling to my soul.

-I adore Christmas music. I could probably listen to it year round, but I haven't tried it, so who knows.

-While I usually love to put up the Christmas tree, this year I'd just love to snap my fingers and have it done for me. I purchased it, but it is still outside waiting for the Christmas love.

-I used to make like 10 different types of Christmas cookies, but the last few years, I'm lucky to get one done.

-Cookies are one of my very favorite foods in the whole world.

-For the past three years, I've been wrapping up 25 Christmas/Winter books and putting them under a tree in Sugar's room. Each night she gets to pick one and open it. Sometimes it's a new book, and sometimes it's an old favorite. The one she opens is the one we read that night before bed. ♥

-Whoever invented outdoor Christmas light timers should get a huge kiss because there is nothing I like better after a long day at work than coming home to see our house all lit up with Christmas cheer.

-For the past 3 years, Sugar Bear has told santa that she wants a puzzle for Christmas. I love that she gets so shy that she can't think of anything else to say.

-I get really irritated this time of year with all the commercialism, and materialistic tendencies. I strive to be more simple each year.

-I love that I get Christmas Vacation off from work. What a wonderful present each year.

-I can't believe I haven't gotten my indoor decorations up yet. I usually have this done right after Thanksgiving.

-I wanted to physically choke each and every adult that insisted on talking during my child's Christmas concert as school last week. I have never been more disappointed in the behavior of fellow parents in my life.

-Last year was the first time I ever made a gingerbread house. Sugar and I can't wait to do one this year.

-I love the candle scents that come out for this time of year. So great to light a yummy candle to smell up your house all pretty.

-The Winter Candy Apple soap from Bath and Body works is so delightful. I sometimes wash my hands just for the fun of it, lately. :)

-I should be addressing Christmas cards RIGHT NOW!

better go!

4 Live It or Love It:

Lisa said...

Here's a cookie.
Buy a whole bag of oreos.
Buy 250 grams of cream cheese.
Buy Bakers white chocolate.

Mash all the oreos in a ziplock bag.
soften the cream cheese and then blend with the oreos in your kitchen aid mix master.
Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler.

Roll into balls the oreos and cream cheese mixture, place on wax paper.
Once the chocolate is melted drizzle over balls and refrigerate.

Ummm hello!! You can thank me later after you ate heaven okay.

Love your list.
Not the rude people though.

Heidi said...

Did someone say "cookies".... I'm in on that one!

Did someone say "Christmas outdoor lights"...I'm in on that one....and I really appreciate my neighbors who have lights that automatically go on----I LOVE seeing them!!!! (So did the grandkids.)

Did someone say gingerbread houses....I'm having a gingerbread house making party...can two someone's come? When do you start vaca???

Love you list!
Hugs, Heidi

Christina said...

I love your lists, Corey! You have a knack for finding and focusing on all the good stuff, while still being honest about the frustrations. I have realized something about myself...I don't really feel Christmasy until most of the Christmas shopping is done. It just stresses me out till then! Maybe next year I really will start early. ;o)

Oh, and I LOVE the wrapped Christmas books idea!! We just got a stack of Christmas books at the library, but your idea is even better!

Gayle said...

Funny that you mention Christmas cards...I should buy some! :)

Olivia's K concert is tomorrow. Hopefully it is quiet. Rather than wanting to choke them afterwards, I actually tell they to shut-up during it. (One of the benefits of being out-spoken).

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