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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stuff I'm Doing...Stuff I'm Not

Stuff I'm Doing:

-Sewing a Christmas dress.
-Creating a Christmas card.
-Trying to write a Christmas letter.
-Getting the Christmas lights up outside.
-Trying to get the Christmas decorations up inside.
-Getting a Christmas tree.
-Going to a festival of lights an hour and a half away, but totally worth it.
-Reading Winter/Christmas bedtime stories to my Sugar each night.
-Editing some commercial photos I did for a local physical therapy place.
-Going to see an old fashioned Christmas Opry.
-Helping with Sugar's School Winter Concert.
-Buying Christmas presents.
-Wrapping Christmas presents.
-Brushing the dog's teeth. (don't ask.)
-Giving bunnies a bath.
-and forty eleven other random things!

Stuff I'm Not:

-Sewing all the Christmas presents I SAID to myself that I would.
-Getting enough sleep.
-Eating right.
-Editing my personal photos.
-Reading (much).
-Digital scrapbooking.
-Cleaning house.
-Bathing (often). (just kidding......sort of.)
-Cooking dinner for my family.
-and forty eleven other things I should be doing...but I'm not!

7 Live It or Love It:

Kimberly said...

LOL! The stuff you're doing sounds like GOOD stuff, so don't sweat the ones you're not doing. ;)

Jen said...

It sounds like the stuff you are doing list is plenty. I don't know how you could possibly squeeze anything else in. Try to enjoy the stuff you are doing and not worry about the stuff you are not doing!!

Gayle said...

If it makes you feel any better I'm not doing the NOT list either except for some blog posts and one dinner. :) Soon the hectic holidays will be over and you'll have plenty of time to relax. Don't sweat what doesn't get done.

Autumn said...

You are doing more than me! :) So that's good, cause I'm sitting in a hotel room in Pittsburgh and it's freezing. I'm getting nothing done on my list. Bleh... oh well it's going by sorta fast and now I have one more state marked off my list. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a total of about 3 things from both lists combined. You're amazing, Corey!

Jeanette Verster said...

My word, you are doing a lot!

Christina said...

You are doing LOTS of good stuff and you always amaze me with how much you get done. So let yourself let go and just enjoy this time! Besides, if you found a way to get even more done than you already do, you'd make the rest of us feel bad. ;o)

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