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Monday, February 28, 2011


I didn't get done this weekend:

-edit pictures....of all sorts of wonderful so on.

-edit a this weeks picture of ME, and get it posted to my blog on Sunday.

-play with my child.

-spend time with my husband.

-clean house.

-wash dishes.

-grocery shop.

-cook healthy meals.

-go outside.

-anything, really, that would be considered productive in one way or another.

Things I managed to do:

-lay on the couch with a blanket up over my head while I moaned and groaned that I might die from this horrible fever, and cold.

-whined...and cried that my head hurt, and I didn't want to be sick anymore.

-let Sugar Bear play
Jump Start nearly continually from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.

-TWO loads of laundry, and I whined all the way through them.

-packed a suitcase, and two carry ons for our trip to Disneyland, while whining that I didn't want to be sick anymore.

-took a really long, and hot shower, while whining that I didn't want to be sick anymore.

-applied chapstick 2.3 bajillion times hoping to forgo a cold sore.

-got a cold my nose. NICE! took a picture of it.....double NICE!

-sleep...yes....I did some good sleeping.

-finished a book...then started another, but none of that happened on Saturday when I thought I was going to die. What's the point in reading when you are just going to die anyhow?

-worried and fretted that I was still going to be sick in Disneyland.

-drove everyone I know crazy.

And here we are.....our last day "in town" before flying off to Disneyland, and I am leaving this blog unattended. oh yes I am. I know you'll miss us, but I'm still all germy, so you wouldn't want to hang around with me anyhow, so don't cry too much. K? We'll be back.....with stories....and pictures.....and all that. Don't have too much fun while we're gone.

4 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Ugh.. I know just how you feel. I was exactly that way last weekend. Boo! Hope you start feeling a bit better for your trip. You two are going to have so much fun! Can't wait to see pics. :)

Lisa said...

I hope you feel well soon.
Can I come to disneyland?

What is going on...I awoke to a lip that needed it's own area code...(I panicked and grabbed...don't laugh...Preparation H out of the medicine cabinet because I saw the word "shrinks" made it BIGGER!! The lesson for today is that preparaion H doesn't go on the LIPS.
I'm a dumbo.
The lip is on my flickr.

Jen said...

Oh man. I hope you feel better soon. Sending healthy, happy thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Corey, I didn't get a chance to say goodbye today...I hope you and the kiddo have a great time on your vacation. Stay away from the meds. Lol. See you when you get back...I know you can't wait to go back to work! -H

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