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Sunday, May 27, 2012


“Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free.” ― Paulo Coelho

I've had a weight on my shoulders for quite nearly 9 months, and it has been holding me hostage. I can't really share exactly the circumstances, but I can say that it doesn't reside in my home.  Sadly, this stresser has affected every fiber of my being, and I have struggled to remain the person I want to be. Under the constant pressure, I have deviated from things that fundamentally make up who I am. It has been quite unbearable.

  Recently, I was set free of this burden. I didn't clearly predict how sweet the relief would be. A day later, Sugar Bear and I found ourselves with an opportunity to soak up some sun at a local lake. While I sat and watched my little heart play, it quite felt like I was watching an animated version of my life being set free of this chronic stress I have been under.

May 18 2012_0080ew

I noticed there was pure JOY in my heart.

May 18 2012_0062ew

And an absence of FEAR.

May 18 2012_0059ew

I could feel the deadly grip it had on me loosen....

May 18 2012_0063ew

and LET GO!

May 18 2012_0068ew

At that moment I was FREE! and I knew it.....embraced it.......went with it...

May 18 2012_0072ew

and haven't landed yet! 


2 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Yay for being free! :) So sorry that you had to feel stress and burden from others. Hopefully some of the sunshine you enjoyed that day will return soon. I'm ready for Summer!

Lindy said...

Happy you're less stressed and that you're back to being yourself. I'm always shocked by how BIG sugarbear is! Look at all that hair!!

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