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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My week 85

Oh my word! I just realized that I've been taking a photo EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for over 960 days now. WOWZA! That is is a lot.


May 14th blessed my heart with stunning weather. It held on so that we might enjoy it after school and work. I LOVE THAT! We are really appreciating the flowers growing in our flower pots on the deck. Feels so very wonderful. Sugar loves to water them.

May 14 2012_0005ew

May 15th was a YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO day, because my new computer finally arrived. woo hoo! I took a quick snap of my desktop. So great to be back in action again.

May 16th found me in the middle of an extremely stressful week at work......which only serves to shove me whole hearted into the simple, relaxing things at home.  I'll admit that I wanted to eat an entire pie when I got home that night, but I didn't.  I crawled in bed with my little love, and we read some "Little House in the Big Woods" together.  I'm thrilled to be starting this series with my girl.  I adored it as a child.  ♥

May 16 2012_0005ew

May 17th started with worry and stress, but ended with PURE JOY.  The light definitely shined on in, and lifted the back breaking weight off my shoulders.  I was more than happy to play around in our yard when we got home from our long day.  It was perfect. 

May 17 2012_0005ew

May 18th might have been the perfect day.  I took some vacation hours in the morning, then joined my co-workers at a nearby lake for a picnic, sailing, and sun.  I didn't not sail, as I had to run back to get my Sugar Bear from school, but I did have a fabulous day.  I shared more pictures of this day HERE.

May 18 2012_0008ew

May 19th  was a relaxing Saturday. We had the opportunity to spend the entire afternoon with some great friends at their new home.  It was so wonderful to be with them.  The girls played so wonderfully that we didn't once have to worry about them.  So great to just chit chat and get reacquainted. 

May 19 2012_0045ew

May 20th started with Sugar Bear waking from a dream of our late Daisy dog.  She wanted to hike up the hill behind our house to visit her grave.  We hadn't been up there in a year.  I was quite a walk, as the blackberries and such have really grown. We battled out way through, and found a beautiful fern growing right on Daisy's grave.  Definitely a well spend morning.  :) 

May 20 2012_0026efb

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