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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Week 83


April 30th was a rainy....icky Monday.  I had like ZERO motivation, so  I just grabbed a shot of raindrops on a spider web on my deck.  We have like 62345157 spiders around our place.  I am so used to all the webs, I hardly even notice them anymore.  The rain did make them more interesting.

Apr 30 2012_0002ew

May 1st lifted my heart.  The sun came out, and brought the Spring joy with it.  I don't think anything special happened for Sugar Bear or myself, but the sun was enough.

May 01 2012_0001ew

May 2nd I helped out at a Car Seat Clinic.  WE didn't have many folks stop by to have their carseat checks.  It is my 10 year experience that most people assume they are transporting their children correctly, and about 95% of them are wrong.  There is quite nearly ALWAYS something they could do differently to make their children safer in the vehicle.  So after wrappin that up, I treated myself to one of my favorite sandwiches EVER.  I adore the Scarlett Turkey.  yum...yum...yum!

May 02 2012_0001ew

May 3rd  was a normal old Thursday.  It was a treat to come home to find the jump rope I ordered for the Sugar had arrived in the mail.  She set to jumpin'!  The photos crack me up.  So many faces.  :)

May 03 2012_0002ew

May 4th was a FAB Friday!  A wonderfully thoughtful friend spent some time with Sugar Bear at the local pottery place, so that she could paint something for me for Mother's day.  Sugar was doubly excited because it meant spending time with her friend that she doesn't see often enough since changing schools this year.  While Sugar Bear painted pottery, I wandered around downtown with some friends celebrating their birthdays.  It was perfect.  ♥  I love this shot I got of Sugar and her friend goofing around.  Life is good.

May 04 2012_0004ew

May 5th was a quite perfect day at home.  We hadn't had a chance to plant flowers for our deck yet this season.  I'm so glad we finally did it.  It is such a treasured tradition for me and my girl.  Our deck is looking so much more summery.  We love it.
May 05 2012_0007ew

May 6th brought us to a really fantastic birthday party for a first grade friend.  It was a traditional tea party.  What a great experience it was for my girl.  She was the pickiest eater present.  I think it was good for her to see all the other kiddos diving in to try new things.  She was the only one that doesn't like tea.  I can't blame her.  I don't drink the stuff either. 

May 06 2012_0013efb

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