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Monday, May 21, 2012

My Week 82

myweekdiptych82web April 23rd was a normal Monday. Sugar was OVER the top excited to show me the pot holder she finished up knitting at school. It is her first complete project. She is so very proud. It was an EARLY Mother's Day gift. My favorite color as well.

April 24th I left work early to give some newborn photography a go. This little punkin gave me a run for my money. He absolutely WOULD.NOT.SLEEP. Newborns make 83 bazzilion faces when they are awake, and their little limbs never stop moving. WOW what a challenge. I did adore this little yawn though. So cute.


April 25th was yet another typical Wednesday. Sugar Bear hangs out at a friend's house on Wednesday afternoons. She loves it. She surprised me with the amazing chalkboard drawing when I stopped to pick her up. I love, love, love it.


April 26th found me ready to give the newborn little honey another try. We ramped up the heat, and mama nursed him like crazy, and we finally got him to sleep. much easier. whew.....


April 27th was a friday. And.....I played with baby bunnies when I got home from work. And that's all I remember. It's been toooooooo long.


April 28th was a stunning day. The Hubby, Ivy dog, Sugar Bear and I went for a hike along the coast. It was perfect. I love days like that.


April 29th was another birthday party. April was the month of kid birthday parties for sure. We had one every single weekend, and sometimes two. This was a pool party, and the kids LOVED it. Sugar hadn't been in the water since summer, so she was super duper excited. I nabbed lots of shots but this one of a friend's little brother caught my eye. He is over the top adorable. ♥

Apr 29 2012_0026ew

1 Live It or Love It:

Susan said...

Oh, LOVE the chalk drawing and the CUTE bunny!

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