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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Week 90


June 18th was a Monday.....and we......ummmm......we....darnit I don't remember.  I think maybe I worked, but I just couldn't say.  Oh yes....I did work, and Sugar went to daycare and managed not to vomit on anyone.  whew.  Then we got home and it was so stunning out that we had to take some pics in the daisies.  I mean....HOW.COULD.WE.NOT????  It was so fun LAST YEAR!  We had fun this year too.  I'll be posting more pics soon.

Jun 18 2012_0078efb

June 19th found us at the dentist. Sugar Bear was a trooper.  Not that she has ever been anything but a trooper, but man.....this time is was a challenge.  They were doing major dental work on 3 children under the age of 4 who were NOT.AT.ALL.HAPPY.ABOUT.IT!!!!   Their screams and cries had me in tears TWICE.  All there were sedated, but seems like the sedation just makes them feel wierd and angry.  ACK.  Sugar had her first REAL dental procedure that had to be endured.  She had sealants put on her back molars, and man....I gagged just watching.  I'm a pansy like that.  I did manage to snap several shots of the goings on, because I'm totally embarrassing like that. Just wait until her first appointment with a Gyno.....she's really gonna love me. tee hee

Jun 19 2012_0022ew

June 20th was other bit of a work day for me....and daycare for Sugar.  We got home and dove into our first watermelon.  Yummy!  Watermelon is for sure one of my girl's favorite fruits.  I like it....but don't love it.  I let her have most of it.

Jun 20 2012_0200efb

June 21st was our first offical "park playdate", and it was lovely.  I enjoyed some time with the other mamas, and Sugar Bear had fun with friends.  I love this shot of the girls teamwork while playing in the tree.  ♥

Jun 21 2012_0005ew

June 22nd was a stay home day.  I tried to get things done around the old homestead, and Sugar Bear made this masterpiece in her room.  I love it when she is creative.

Jun 22 2012_0003ew

June 23rd was another stay home day.  We've been having a very GREY June here.  We did manage to get outside and snap a few shots of me for my "52 weeks of Me" project.  Other than that....I have no idea what we did.  Seems like I need a schedule to keep my mind on remembering what we did.  ack.  oh wait....looking at the next picture reminded me of what we did.  I did like 60 bazillion loads of laundry and checked Sugar Bear's hair like 4598664 times for headlice.  It is going around her group of friends, and I was sure we had to have it, but I have not found a single bug or nit.  I've looked....A LOT.

Jun 23 2012_0011efb

June 24th we headed up to my parent's farm to visit with them, and my Aunt who was there.  We had a really lovely time.  We went to our cemetary to put some stuff on my Grandma's grave.  Sugar couldn't resist climbing up on a huge tree stump and pretending to be lady liberty.  I think all the flags on the graves inspired her.  :)

Jun 24 2012_0008efb

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cat said...

Lovely shots- especially the first and last

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