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Monday, July 30, 2012

My Week 94


July 16th was a perfect summer day.  We relaxed in the morning.  Held the baby bunnies.  Their eyes still not open.  We fell in love with their little furry rolls.  ♥  Then we met some friends at the pool for an afternoon of fun.  We just can't get enough.

Jul 16 2012_0081efb

July 17th was supposed to bring rain and thunder storms in the afternoon, so we rushed out to meet a bunch of friends at the blueberry farm.  We had a great morning of eating picking blueberries followed by a picnic, and a stop at the pool AGAIN!  yeeeehawwww.....

Jul 17 2012_0004ew

July 18th was work, and daycare as our Wednesday usually brings.  We got home and my husband was gearing up to knock down all the tall weeds in our field, so I nabbed my 100mm lens and headed out to get some shots in the golden hour.  I'm so glad I did.  I get several good shots.  This one is definitely one of my all time favorite macro shots. 

Jul 18 2012_0141efb

July 19th found us using the newly mowed down field for some 4-wheeler practice.  Up until this day, Sugar Bear has shown nearly ZERO interest in using the quad a friend of ours has offered to her.  We have had it at our house for nearly a year, and she has used it like twice.  This day....was different.  She was ready, and boy of boy did she go.  I need to get her a proper helmet now.  This was practice for our camping trip that is coming up.  She is ready......and I'm not sure I am.

Jul 19 2012_0061ew

July 20th had Sugar Bear at daycare, and me staying home to pack up for camping.  I was still suffering from my summer head cold, so I MIGHT have taken a nap as well.  (I'll never tell.)  On the way home, we needed to stop and pick up The Hubby at his shop property that is about a mile from home.  I couldn't resist stopping along the slough to grab this shot.  When I see yummy light like this....I just can't help myself.

Jul 20 2012_0033ew

July 21st was our first day of camping and there were so many wonderful surprises.  I knew that one of my cousins would be there with his daughter, but when we arrived my other cousin was there with his wife, and children as well.  It was great.  This is a photo of Sugar Bear and my cousin's brand new puppy, Luna.  She was darling, and certainly a fun treat.  We couldn't have had a better start to our camping vacation. 

Jul 21 2012_0167efb

July 22nd was day two, and it brought even more surprises.  My other two cousins came with their children as well.  Woo was the first time all the cousins were together in 7 years.   Sugar Bear enjoyed holding and feeding the youngest member of our family, Mr. E.  It was the first time Sugar had ever fed a baby a bottle.  So sweet. 

Jul 22 2012_0052efb

3 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

You lucky you have summer where u live. We had one miserable again.
Love the 3 rd photo!

Janet said...

How sweet Sugar Bear looks feeding Mr E! KI love the expression on her face! She really is growing up isn't she? On a quad bike? Braver than I am! LOL!

Jeanette said...

Love how proud she looks in the last photo with the bottle :)

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