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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Week 93


July 9th was.....ummmmm I have no idea.  oh wait.....yes, I worked.  I was our Director's last day of work before retiring.  It is so incredibly strange to think of him not being there anymore.  He has been there for over 10 years, and it won't be the same without him.  Sugar Bear went to daycare and enjoyed her day with her friends.  She was supposed to go to her cousin's house for the evening so that I might attend a bit of my Director's retirement party, but plans fell through, and we just headed on home.  It was a pretty night, and I grabbed a shot of my tomato blossoms.  The last few summers we haven't been very successful with the tomatoes.  By the time the fruit finally grows it takes forever to ripen, and then the rain of fall comes and splits them.  Le sigh.  I'm hoping we have better luck this year.  Cross your fingers for us, k?

Jul 09 2012_0001ew

July 10th we met some friends at the pool....AGAIN!  Yes again.  We are taking full advantage of the pool this summer.  I really want Sugar Bear's water confidence to grow.  I took this shot after our pool date of her wet hair and her cute shorts.  It was actually "shorts" weather.  yippie!

Jul 10 2012_0005ew

July 11th had me working my tooshie pie off at work.  ugh.  It was gorge outside and I was stuck indoors.  boo hiss.  Sugar Pie was out loving it up with her friends at daycare.  When I stopped to pick her up she was playing "monkey in the middle" with her two best boy buddies.  I was more than happy to nab some shots of them playing together.  I love to see her enjoying her friends.  That's what summer should be about.

Jul 11 2012_0003ew

July 12th was a stay home sort of day.  Earlier in the week one of Sugar's little toys broke and she was a bit saddened by it.  The Hubby came to the rescue, glued a bead to it, and it isn't the same, but it works.  She was pretty happy.  It's good to have a dad that can quite nearly always fix what's broke.

Jul 12 2012_0002ew

July 13th happened to be The Hubby and my 16th Wedding anniversary.  ACK....I'm feeling old.  Time sure flies.  We didn't spend the day together.  We both had things we wanted to do, and those things were different.  We actually aren't very used to being together.  He is usually fishing or away hunting.  It's all good.  We both had a great day.  In the late afternoon, early evening, Sugar Bear and I enjoyed a party at the beach with friends.  It was about as perfect as it gets.

Jul 13 2012_0066efb

July 14th kept us home most of the day.  I still have this darn summer cold, and it is really trying to hand on.  I just wasn't up for much action.  Sugar Bear's new sun hat came in the mail, and I'm pretty sure she likes it.  We have misplaced her old one.  I figured I'd find it as soon as I purchased the new one, but so hasn't shown up.  We were excited to count the baby bunnies Loppy had the other day, finally.  We were shocked to only find 3.  She usually has about 7.  OH NO!  I think I had more people interested in buying them this time.  Darn it.

 Later in the afternoon, we headed into town for a pool party.  It was lovely for the Sug, and I got a bit of sun, so that was nice.  We headed on home afterwards, and I whined about my cold the rest of the night.  I'm a big baby like that.

  Jul 14 2012_0030efb

July 15th was a true stay at home day.  We were both in our jammies all day.  So nice.  The Hubby had found a nice soft ball with a loop on it, and decided to make us a tether ball pole.  He literally looked around our property, and found a perfectly straight tree limb, chopped it down, buried it in backyard, attached the rope and ball, and viola.....perfect tether ball to be had.  Seriously.....everyone should be so handy, as he is.  Sugar Bear is loving it.  She is gaining skills, and it doesn't hurt if it hits you, so that is good. 

Jul 15 2012_0060ew

4 Live It or Love It:

wedding planning education said...
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Gayle said...

I would love the beach and could see up there exploring most days. Sorry your j.o.b. gets in the way of that, but looks like you are getting out and doing plenty.

Jen said...

Happy Belated Anniverary. I can't believe you have been doing these weekly updates and daily photos for almost 2 years. You seriously amaze me.

Janet said...

How busy you are as always! Glad to be back and able to "chat"again! :) My, but Sugar Bear is growing into a beautiful young lady!

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