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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Sweet Moment....Well, Sort Of!

One day last week, Sugar and I were wrestling around on the floor. She successfully had me pinned to the floor. Her little body lay atop mine. Her sweet face pressed firmly to mine. We lay there giggling and giggling. The Joy....the Fun....the Togetherness. Life is Good.

Shortly she lifted her head and proceeded to intently examine my face with her deep blue eyes. The following conversation occurred:

Sugar: "You have beautiful eyes!"
Mama: "Thank you, Honey!" (melting a little)
Sugar: (annoyed) "Noooooooooooo MOM! That's not what you say!"
Mama: (surprised) "oh....I'm sorry.....what should I say?"
Sugar: "I say, 'you have beautiful eyes!', then you say, 'Get off my face!' Okay mom?"
Mama: (quite confused) "ummmmmm why?"
Sugar: "just say it mom, okay?"
Mama: "Okay Honey! Get off my face!"
Sugar: "Moooooooooooooooooooom! Nooooo! I say,'you have beautiful eyes' FIRST!"
Mama: "Oh Yeah! sorry! I'll get it right this time!"
Sugar: Nothing.....
Mama: Nothing......(waiting)
Sugar: "Are you ready?"
Mama: "I'm just waiting for you, Sug!"
Sugar: (delighted) "okay.....You have beautiful eyes!"
Mama: (obediently) "Get off my face!"
Sugar: (peels of laughter)
Mama: (still clueless)
Sugar: "Let's do it again!"
Mama: "ummm yeah, but where did you learn that? Who says that?"
Sugar: "Manny and the little guy, MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!"
Mama: (racking her oh so tired brain) "manny....manny....manny....who is manny?"
Sugar: (annoyed) "you know....MANNY!" (said loudly, as maybe that would help!)
Mama: (still lost) "manny....manny....where I have I heard that name????"
Sugar: (even louder!) "MANNY! YOU KNOW! MANNY AND THE LITTLE GUY!"
Mama: (stares blankly)
Sugar: "On that movie MOM!"
Mama: (stares blankly)
Sugar: (louder) "THE MOVIE!"
Mama: (light bulb finally goes off!) "OH! From the movie ICE AGE, right?"
Sugar: (excited) "yeah mama....ICE AGE! what's the little guy called!"
Mama: (surprised she knows this!) "Syd! The little guy is Syd!" (Whew)

I don't know about you, but this sort of conversation wipes me out. So much brain work involved. First I thought she was complimenting me....ohhhhhh NO! Not her....she is just quoting one of a hundred movies she has seen. It never fails to amaze me the capacity for learn she has. The memory.....WOW! She is a little sponge right we are not talking "sponge bob!"

All this brain power....she really is a blank slate....and it really makes me wonder if I should be filling it up with things OTHER than Dora! wink wink!

19 Live It or Love It:

kat said...

That story just cracked me up. It is so funny to see how a kid's brain works and amazing at what speed they pick things up. She must have an amazing memory. So funny. Thanks for the laugh and have a great day.

Unknown said...

Way funny! I'm almost looking forward to those little confusing conversations that make perfect sense to the little ones, yet I understand it could be a little tiring.

holly said...

i think you *are* filling it up with great things. it can't be 100% development. dora is good. i never had *any* of the stuff you do with sugar bear. and i turned out fine. oh, wait...
seriously. good job. ;)

Bellevelma said...

I love it!

Rachel said...

That's adorable. First she's sweet, then she's sassy. You are in deep, deep trouble mah deah!
It's amazing the way they retain things isn't it? It's frightening at times!

Megan Cobb said...

We have those conversations too. Lately Bean's been demanding SNOWFLAKE CEREAL for breakfast. I have NO idea what snowflake cereal is. She gets so frustrated with me like I must be the most clueless person on the planet, but still, I just can't figure it out. Must have been on a Spongebob she watched with Daddy when I wasn't looking. SPONGEBOB! GRRRRRRRRRR.

Unknown said...

LOL, I love those conversations. You've reminded me of something my son said last night, so I'm off to blog about it on WP ;)

Maude Lynn said...

These type of conversations wear me out, too. You must get every nuance just right, while at the same time having no idea what is going on!

Burgh Baby said...

I'm right there with you. The guessing game involved when they know what they are talking about and act like you are soooo silly for not catching on can where me out in no time.

Autumn said...

Oh man, those conversations are exhausting. Bug was doing that to me so much that I finally had to sit him down and say " I know you want to pretend but you need to be nice about it. You have to ask mommy before hand if she wants to play that game, and you have to say please!" It actually works, he asks me first .. then tells me what to say. LOL

Beth Cotell said...

We have the same kind of frustrating conversations here as well. I always feel like a detective who has just solved one of the world's mysteries when I finally figure out what they mean!

Cynthia said...

That story makes me want to wake up Miss Peach and squeeze her...I won't, but I want to;)

Mel said...

Aw man, blogging is so great cos now you will always remember this moment!

the rotten correspondent said...

They really do keep you on your toes, don't they? Where do they come up with this stuff??

Very cute though. Confusing for you, but cute.

:) said...

I have the same conversations with my little princess. Usually it is regarding the words to the theme of Little Mermaid. Inevitably I get the words all wrong. I pretend as if I am very clueless which I usually am.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Funny! :-)

On my blog, there was only ONE fish mirroring itself... Tricky photo, huh? LOL

Thanks for visiting!
Happy WW! :-)

Lindy said...


Isn't it nice that life is already scripted for you ; )

I was just cracking up through this whole story - sounds just like home! I'm always asking Jacqui "Who says that???" and then scrambling to remember where the quote came from. Sugar is just priceless : )

david mcmahon said...

Being a parent is so rewarding and fulfilling, Corey.

Deb said...

LOL, oh that is too cute, Corey! :)

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