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Friday, June 27, 2008

Bloggity Changes! it recently came to my attention that people HATE blogs with black backgrounds. SIGH! I love my black background. It really makes the photos POP! But....if my black background is hurting my reader's eyes.....I have to find a solution, now don't I? I'm sensitive to your needs like that. this new look better? Did you even notice the black background bothering you in the past? Are you jumping for joy that I made the change? Or do you miss my black? Come on...spill!

I want to keep the background color basic, as my photos are very important to me. I don't want a colored background clashing with the photos. So....for is either black, white or grey.

Please be sure to weigh in on this issue. I was shocked to see that when asked....nearly EVERYONE hates the dark background with light lettering. OOPS! Sorry for hurting your eyes for over a year my friends!

If the to ditch the black...I'll update my signature. First...I have to remember how I made it. tee hee

Thanks for the input in advance.

ETA***** I just changed it to Off white....for those of you who saw the white....and didn't like THIS better? I like it better than white....but now as well as black, but I think this can grow on me.

***ETA on June30, 2008***** I am now extremely confused and frustrated with the look of my blog. I have no idea which direction to go, as I can't please everyone....and trying is about to drive me over the edge. Pray for me!

23 Live It or Love It:

LingoVise Says... said...

I liked the black... I can't be the only one!

Autumn said...

I love the black too. But I know it does bother a lot of peoples eyes. That's why I changed mine a while back. I don't like the white at all.. sorry... I'm not really helping. Maybe grey...

Anonymous said...

I liked the black too. The only time I don't like it is if the writer uses a light font and it doesn't show in my feeder. But, I've never had a problem w/ yours.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for black!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for white. If I didn't love your blog so much I might skip it just because of the black. I understand it makes the photos pop - but I often have to read your text in my feed reader (which I will happily keep doing if you go back to black) to avoid an aching head. I vote white :-)

The Mom Jen said...

They are both fine, your pictures will speak for themselves on any background!

The Mom Jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
david mcmahon said...

Yup, I noticed th change immediately!

And that is a wonderful shot uf Sugar in the previous post!

Irene said...

I always prefer light backgrounds, but your black background didn't stop me from reading your entries!

I agree that black is much better for photos, but if you have text too, you are probably better doing what you are doing now. Just frame the photo in black.

I used to be a marketing manager back in the pre-kiddo days and we always had a rule never to use reverse type (light on dark) in marketing materials because it is harder to read and you never want to make anyone work too hard to read anything. They usually just don't bother.

Good new look!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol... I don't, generally, like white on black. I don't especially like stark black on white either, though. A lot of times I will highlight a white on black text to read if there is a lot. You might try a charcoal background with a silver, almost white text.

Here is a list of colors.
Scroll down to almost the bottom and click on the shade of color you want the code for. Both charcoal and silver are in the gray shades.

Anonymous said...

I loved the black and never had a problem reading your posts. If you're taking a vote, I vote for the black background.

Michele said...

I don't like the black for reading... nope nope.... hurts the eyes awful. I do suffer seizures with my epilepsy and most often I will have almost triggers or auras from reading text on dark backgrounds so I cannot read text on any dark background if I can help it.
Some are putting a nice black matt frame around the photo which is really nice. I use black background but use very little text.
I now can read your blog so much better! But either way you go, I'll still always be your biggest fan!!
Mountain Retreat

Christina said...

Sorry for being the one to break your heart. ;o)
I'm so confused now...everyone was dead set against black backgrounds at my place, and now a lot of people are saying they like it. LOL.
I do think it looked nicer on black....I'm fine either way!

Deb said...

I loved your photos against the black background, but have to admit that it was harder on the eyes for the text. I can read it much easier now, but it's just not quite the same. I read as much as I can through my feed reader anyway, so maybe if you kept the black but went to a full feed for those who want an easier way to read it? Just a thought... :)

Anonymous said...

I love the look of your blog!! I definately like the BLACK better!!

Heffalump said...

I liked the black too. Maybe if your text was in bold it would't hurt people's eyes (I never had a problem with the text the way it was though.)

Carolyn said...

I'm divided. Like you, I prefer photos on a black background. It certainly shows them off the best. But white lettering on a black background is very hard on my eyes. Not everyone is the same though. I've found that my eyes are more sensitive to things like that since I had laser eye surgery. If you really want to do a black background, maybe even experiment with grey lettering, or something not quite as contrasty as white. It's a little easier on the eyes. I do like very dark grey backgrounds too.

Having said all that, I really like the new look. The yellow and the way you did your photos for the "bright" post are wonderful, especially with the double black/white border. Your photos look great. (And it's all a bit easier on my eyes.)

Gosh. I don't know. I'm all over the place. Tough call. I will say this: it really doesn't matter what you do because your photos will always be the star. Especially with Sugar in them!

Unknown said...

I like the black, but the white writing was a bit harsh. This colour is very pretty, just add a fram around the header and remove the blogger frame and then that'll pop properly too.

holly said...

no i think you may have just gotten one or two people's opinions. i thought the blog was great. but change is always good. except change for the worse. that's not good. this is not bad change. i'm not helping. crap.

Anonymous said...

I generally don't like black backgrounds, but for some reason yours didn't bother me. Maybe because your text was always separated by lots of photos?

For wherever reason it worked and this white just doesn't feel like you to me.

Bellevelma said...

The black didn't bother me, but I like this just fine. Although the off white looks like a very pale green on my monitor. No biggie, I'll keep reading regardless.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I prefer the black. I think it's easier on the eyes not to have such a bright background. Plus, I'm of the opinion that it does make your photos pop. Either way, what ever you go with, I'll keep reading!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I never had a problem with the black but have done on other sites with certain fonts. I like this too though hon, I'm getting a kind of pale green too, very nice.

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