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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Duck, Duck.......peek-a-boo!

One of our favorite play destinations is a lovely park in our city. It fulfills both Sugar and Mama's needs. First we take a nice stroll around the park to give the camera junkie in me a fix, and then we end up at the playground so Sugar Bear can wear herself out on the assorted climbers and slides. It is a nearly perfect location in every way.

Usually it is just the two of us, so for the first portion of the walk I don't often get photos that I am very happy with. I worry that Sugar might take a header into the pond while my face is glued to the camera, so I tend to snap quickly, and do a lot of reminding to "be careful!!" I am fairly certain I annoy the heck out of my girl with my constant babbling of that phrase. In fact, she has been known to look at me seriously and say, "Mama....I PROMISE I won't fall in, okay?"

Sugar Bear is always thrilled to see the water fowl, but imfortunately we are always a disappointment to them, as I never remember to bring them treats. The birds are very used to being fed, so when they ascertain that we have NOTHING for them, they usually disperse rather quickly.

This doesn't usually deter Miss Sugar Bear from tracking them down, and giving good chase. She is quite determined to get close.

They run for the bushes....and head up the creek. Little do they know that the next part of journey leads up right up that same little creek. It is a triumph when Sugar is given another opportunity to give her duck herding a try.

After we have exhausted our little friends, we spend the next 15 minutes or so indulging mama in her photography. There is a lovely garden back in the woods, and I adore the little bridges and wooden walkways. I have images in my head of lovely Senior Portraits I could take there....if I ever get the nerve to start a business.

I have photographed Sugar there for the last 3 years, and I am constantly after the perfect bridge shot of Sugar.....and still NOT IT! sigh....but it is a lovely little peek-a-boo, isn't it?

Next week I'll share the photos I took after this set, that day. You'll be interested to know how I can take a place that is so gorgeous, peaceful, and amazing....and end up walking off in a huffy huff. really presents itself as a moment for personal growth.

19 Live It or Love It:

AnnD said...

Okay, you might have mentioned it before or you might not have revealed it for privacy reasons but WHERE do you live that your winter didn't seem as bad as ours, that you have such great wildlife and parks? I don't want a city or anything, just a general idea or a state/province....anyway, great shots! I have learned that when I'm alone with Emma in the park, I just leave my camera in the car. There is just no way I can haul it around and play with her.

Megan Cobb said...

Were these very recent photos? Looks like Miss Shoog has had herself a growth spurt of late! Great photos. I love the "light" ones in the last post, as well! Hugs!

Autumn said...

Oh I LOVE that park. I went there several times when my nephew was a tiny little guy. I have some great picturs of him in those very spots!
Sugar Bear is such a little girl and not a baby.. ACK!
I can't wait to hear about you being all huffy.. I can't imagine ;)
Oh and you need to start a buisness....YOU can do it! Heck, can I be your guinea pig? I think you need to practice with Bug and me! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Those are such sweet photos! And I love the bridge one!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome location, and I love how the red in Sugar's shirt matches the red bridge. :-)

Oh, and you should TOTALLY start your own business!!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

That is so idyllic looking!

I wish you lived closer so I could hire you to take pictures of my girls!

Anonymous said...

We have a park JUST LIKE THAT! THat's where I took the kids Christmas portraits! It really is a great spot.

Joeprah said...

What a great park! And the pictures aren't too shabby either. Kids and ducks are naturally cute together.

Anonymous said...

Getting the "perfect picture" can be so frustrating can't it?

And as for being cautious, I say "be careful" so often that my two year old says now "I careful, mama, I careful, I careful" as she walks up the stairs.

Gen said...

We have a really "ducky" park here too, and do you know, I don't think I've ever taken my youngest there. She'll love it! Thanks for reminding me about it today. :-)

Unknown said...

Seriously Corey, you should really start that business!
I absolutely adore the last shot!

Christina said...

This park reminds me of one my my mother's! It is a lovely spot, and Sugar is the perfect subject. :o)

Michele said...

My goodness... I had to really look here because Sugar didn't even look like Sugar... she had just sprouted into this young girl... WOW... what a beautiful girl!
I love the photo of her crouching and the back feet of the duck... that had me giggling.... LOL... I don't know why but it did... your photos are superb!

Anonymous said...

Sugar did sprout, didn't she...
Absolutely wonderful shots! I think you should give a lot of thought to starting a business... I think you'd do great. Start out small/part time. Take plenty of time to plan it out. I only say start out small as to not take too much time from your Sugar too soon.

holly said...

oh i love these shots! we have a park across town that has geese all over and a lighthouse in the middle. there is NO.WAY i can do that thing justice. but i will try. JUST to show you how cool it is.

oh WAIT ! you could just come over!!

yes, that would be the easier way.

i'll expect you at tea time. don't be late.

Anonymous said...

She is getting so tall! Acckkk, they're growing up too fast!

Carolyn said...

Great shots Cor. I love all of these. Especially the last one. Excellent shot - the way Sugar's profile is mirrored in the distance by the lighthouse. Great composition. Well done.

And I love the bridge too. Keep practising for those Senior Portraits and start that business already. Let's take the leap together!!

Michelle said...

Kayla loves feeding the ducks at the zoo here so I know she would just love that park! If you ever get the nerve to start a business?! You would do wonderful with a photography business - go for it!

Anonymous said...

I just love that 'walk away' shot on the wooden path -- and you've got me curious about your "huffy huff" story (hee, hee!) :D

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