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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Camera Critters~ Odds and Ends

Camera Critters

For the last.....ummmmm......5 Sunday's (I think....I've lost count), we've been exploring the Wild Game Park Sugar and I visited in May. You can click on the "Camera Critters" tag in my side bar to see all the previous posts, if you have missed them.

This post is the final in the series. Today we have a variety of animals seen that day.


Even though we see ducks on a pretty regular basis, sugar bear was very interested in this pair, and they were quite taken with her as well.


Earlier, I wrote about the sadness I feel when visiting animals in cages. No animal tugs my heartstrings as much as the primate species. They are so expressive, and it is hard to ignore the sadness in their eyes.


This fellow has been featured at this park for a long long time. He certainly bored....and it is hard to get very close to him, as he is known to throw feces. Luckily he wasn't in that sort of mood the day we were there.


This turkey was quite a character. There were two female turkeys roaming the park with him, and although they were quite friendly, he was a bit protective of "his ladies". As the females ran to hide behind our legs, this grumpy guy came at us fluffing his feathers, and looking none too happy.


But what pretty feather to ruffle, huh?


Next we have a Capybara, who happens to be the largest rodent in the world. The baby ones were adorable, but my photos of them didn't turn out well.


I am not certain, but I think these are wild pigs. I can't remember the actual name of them, though. Sugar loved these guys!


This pretty fella is a Roosevelt Elk. What a beautiful animal. So sleek.


Lastly, we have a camel. Sugar Bear is a big fan of Camels. They make her giggle with their expressive faces, and fuzzy hair.


Thank you for visiting my blog this week. I appreciate it so very much. Have a great day!

30 Live It or Love It:

ratmammy said...

I love the look of these photos!

Anonymous said...

Sugar is loving every minute of the visit I bet. Cool shots. I have never seen a Capybara before.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sure Sugar enjoyed seeing so many great animals. Wonderful shots!

It's true, somehow some caged animals reflect sadness in their faces.

Heart of Rachel said...

BTW, mine is posted at my other blog. Take care.

Unknown said...

My heart breaks for the caged animals too. I find it quite difficult to go to some places where they don't have much space.
I love the turkey shots! Especially the feathers one!

Anonymous said...

all great shots

Mine in here Thanks

Juliana RW said...

I also love the turkey shots..

Visit me in here

Anonymous said...

All lovely shots, i imagine your daughter had a great time. My girls love animals.

You know i always feel so sad looking at the primates to, they never look happy .

Michele said...

Wonderful shots, Corey. I especially liked the turkey and his pretty colors and his feathers!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, I do use a reader to view your blog to read your text but sometimes the photos don't appear on the reader and I'm not sure why...
Keep up the good work, my friend!
Mountain Retreat

AnnD said...

That zoo has a very random collection of animals! It's a good thing you took awesome pics to show the rest of us! I love the turkey pic! Now, I will feel bad about eating Thanksgiving turkey!

LingoVise Says... said...

I've been a zoo volunteer for years now & still find caged larger animals heart wrenching. Although better than some other alternatives I suppose. It's a tough one for sure.

Anyhow... really wonderful series. Love the Camel looking so regal :)

and the cream bckgrd is growing on me now that you've added these awesome chunky black borders... very nice!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I'm with Sugar, cames are hilarious. That chimp does look sad though. :(

Kahshe Cottager said...

So many photos and they are wonderful. The colour on the turkey's wattle is brilliant and I loved the closeup of the camel.

My Camera Critter

Rayne said...

Beautiful photos. You've done a very good job at capturing their expressions. Love the colors on the turkey's neck.
I have always liked capybaras, they look so pompous.

Meg said...

I've so missed your photos! I've been so busy (imagine that) I'm trying to play catch-up today. I love this series, and I love the camel shot! Okay, now I'm off to check out more of what I've missed from your lens-eye-view.

Gretchen said...

You're so right about the primates. You can see they're miserable being locked in a cage. :( I go to zoos, but it always makes me sad to see the animals so lonely and bored in their cages. I like the ones with the more realistic environments for the animals.

Meg said...

Oops, I'm signed into my gmail account. This is Meghan (of the pozing persuasion). xx

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Corey: Very cool post and I enjoyed all your critters. I liked your Turkey pictures best.

Misty DawnS said...

Let me repeat myself again and say I always LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos, and I am one of Sugar Bear's biggest fans ;-)

I completely agree with you on the primates and how sad it is to see them caged.

The Roosevelt Elk was my favorite - SO beautiful!

Maude Lynn said...

I love that shot of the camel!

Anonymous said...

Wow … you’ve got another series of wonderful photos here today (though I share your sorrow about the cages). I love the camel and the turkey shots best! Thanks for dropping by mine at Small Reflections. I actually posted Camera Critters on Saturday AND Sunday this weekend … just because.
Hugs and blessings,

Christy said...

Very nice photos. I agree there is a sadness to seeing animals in cages. I think that is why I am more prone to visit a nature center and walk the grounds than to go to a zoo or something along those lines.

i beati said...

I'd have to frame that camel oe - sugar Bear is not too trepidacious is she?

Barbara said...

Brilliant photos but the chimp does look sad.

holly said...

"it is hard to ignore the sadness in their eyes."

i was talking to one, one day, and he said the *very* same thing about us. that, plus he has a very hard time telling us all apart. we all apparently look the same to him. except david tennant. even *they* think he's hot. is that wrong?

and that roosevelt elk looks like he's about to come up with a social welfare program.

and this is so wrong, but i'm wondering about the camel's toes. were they discrete?

LA Nickers said...

What a collection! I love how the whole group ties together seamlessly.

I feel as if I have just enjoyed an excursion to the zoo!

WINGING IT, at Practically at Home

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I love that camel shot - his expression is priceless. And I love the new blog design - very nice.

Christina said...

You do really well with wildlife shots. I especially like the "ruffled feathers"

Bellevelma said...

I love your photos. I know it's already been said by everyone else, but it's true.

Ashrunner said... of my favorite antlered critters (the other being moose). There's quite a few in the wild around here, but I rarely see them. Good photos.

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