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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Camera Critters~ Kidding Around

Camera Critters

Last spring, Sugar Bear had a real exciting adventure helping to feed our neighbors baby goats. It was pure joy watching her interact with those little kids. She is officially a goat fan.

Continuing with our tour through the Game Park, I'd like to share a few photos of Sugar Bear making friends with one of the little goats. Being that we've had plenty of opportunity to play with goats, I wasn't intending on spending much time with all the goats that wander around the park, but Sugar just had to say "hello!"

She wasn't much interested in the petting deer, as they were larger, and a bit more intimidating, I think. They were all pretty darn friendly, and it could get a bit un-nerving.

This particular little goat took a fancy to Sugar. I hadn't intended on taking any photos of her with the goats, so these are taken from a bit further away than I normally practice. I had my 100mm lens on, and happened to be heading in a different direction when Sugar stopped to play with the goat.

I'm glad that Sugar's joy is apparent though. She certainly finds much satisfaction in interacting with all animals. Oops....gotta go....Sugar is beckoning me so meet her goat friend.

Stay tuned next Sunday for the wrap up of our day at the Game Park. Have a great week!

25 Live It or Love It:

Unknown said...

Lovely! Looks like she really enjoyed herself, my kids would be in their element!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Cory: Great pictures with the goats but that last one of Sugar Bear is special.

Indrani said...

Wow! Quite close to nature!
"Official goat fan" I liked that.

Dick said...

I love the first picture the most, beautiful shot.

Aisha said...

So fun to look at the photos! Sugar and the goat are so cute! I love her smile.

Michele said...

Awww... I love her shyness around the goat.. hehehe... what a sweetie!!! Oh and Sugar is also cute as well... no no no... I meant Sugar the whole time.. LOL.... but these are wonderful photos, Corey... I love the sequence... it's as if were right there!
Mountain Retreat

Aunt Julie said...

These photos are priceless! I came upon a blog post this morning that was ALL photos--no words--as in A Picture is Worth a Thousand? It's at -- check it out for inspiration! Thanks, BTW, for visiting my blog. If you have any Words of Wisdom to share, and I know you will, please drop by again!

Lilli & Nevada said...

WOW now that is adorable and she looks like she had one good time doing so,

i beati said...

i always love these trips with Sugar Bear. Depth of color especially good what is the camera?I'm

ratmammy said...

great animal photos but the star really is the little girl! she's so photogenic!

Carletta said...

These are so precious!
Love the one where she is petting the goat.

Daryl said...

So very cute ..both your adorable child or those funny little goats


Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee so cute. Little goats are adorable and always make me smile. So glad you and Sugar had such a wonderful day with the animals. It is apparent in all these photos. :D

I'm on catch up, can you tell?

holly said...

oh GREAT now 'the lonely goatherd' is stuck in my head. have you ever tried to sleep when 'the lonely goatherd' is playing in your head? no way.

sugar is so cute that she makes the *goats* look cute, too. that is some feat.

Anonymous said...

She's just the most lovely little girl in the blog-o-sphere!

Christina said...

Love the first one with her hands clasped behind her back. You sure did get a lot of great photos that day! I don't think N has ever seen goats in person.

Misty DawnS said...

I still say that Sugar Bear is one of the cutest and most adorable 'critters' I've ever seen ;-)

I love how that little goat took such a liking to her. Your photos tell such a sweet story.

Heart of Rachel said...

Wonderful photos. I could easily tell that Sugar Bear had a terrific time feeding the baby goats.

My CC entry is at my other blog.

Michelle said...

she is so cute with that goat! and you can see the joy on her face!

Killlashandra said...

Goats are wonderful! I especially like nubians with their big floppy ears. I'm glad she had a great time with them. :)

david mcmahon said...

My favourites are the first shot and the last one, Corey.

And yes, you're absolutely right - my trash shot could have been better. The only reason it wasn't a tight frame on the trash was that I wanted to ``place'' the shot and include the yellow concrete barrier to identify it as being in Melbourne.

So yes, I do agree with you!

Maude Lynn said...

These are all adorable, but my favorite is the second to the last. She looks so sweet!

Donetta said...

Hi Lady, Hope your having a great day! Is it cool there? It is so hot here that I need to stay in most of the time.

Amy said...

I love how close she got to the animals - and you captured this! Great job!

Bellevelma said...

I love these photos, she looks so happy!

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