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Monday, February 9, 2009

Looky, Look, Look

If you are the observant type...or you just plain read my "under construction" post, you might have notices a change in the old bloggity blog look here at Living and Loving Every Minute of it.

Back in the beginning of January, when I was in the depths of my "woe is blog photography is boring...." phase, a good blogging buddy came to my rescue.  The Nap Warden read my lowly whines, and offered a simple solution that might cheer me up. How about a bloggy re-design? She is a great designer, and illustrator (and blogger, for that matter), and she offered to help me out with a design that would showcase my photography.  What a lady!  Her simple offer really did lift my heart, and give me a sense of bloggity purpose.  

My new look offers me the ability to change my header, if I feel the need (still loving my sticker girl, though), and gives me more room to show off my photos.  There is a navigation bar at the top which houses some of my old sidebar stuff, and the rest is found at the bottom.  Like anything new, it might take me a bit to get used to, and I might find some things that I need changed, but for now....I'm just so pleased with the results.  

Thank you Nap Warden!  Everyone me a favor and check out her work.  She rocks!  I'm definitely NOT in a funk anymore.  I have my photo mojo back......I've Pumped Up This Party, and I have a new look.  Who could ask for more?

Well....maybe I could.  I'd like some peace and quiet when I'm trying to capture a lovely frosty scene on my deck in the morning.  Instead......not 7 seconds after I shut the door, I hear a noise....and turn to see this:


Miss Peanut Butter toast face can hardly stand that mama is outside without her. It is coooooooold out there....but she just has to be part of this moment.  I turn back to my frosty leaf, try to concentrate on my camera, and hear a squeaky rubbing sound.  Yup....she is rubbing her slobber off the window now.


I diligently try to ignore her antics, and get back to my photos, but seriously........who can resist THIS:

She wins....I go back in, help her get her boots on, so she can join me. Why did I even try. 
We all know if it's worth's worth doing TOGETHER!

14 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

I love the new look blog, I have been chatting to a blog designer as well as I want mine changed...I also want my photo's bigger - Love the photo's of Sugar Bear...such a cutie pie she is.

Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

WOoHOoo!! The blog looks great!
Nap Warden did mine awhile ago as well, she made my "me" fairy and header.
The picture are fabulous!
I def. saved your email and have that lens on my WANT/NEED list. lol
Thank you so very much!

Bellevelma said...

Very nice! Love the new look!

Autumn said...

It looks great! I love the big pictures I'm super duper jealous. :)

Tabitha Blue said...

What a great new look!!! And what's better is your photos are even bigger!!!! Love that! Now we can see more of the cuteness of SB.


Irene said...

Very nice!!!! Love the new look! I personally think photography based blogs look best with one column. The photos just pop more with less distraction on the sidebars.

Anonymous said...

I love the new look! FABULOUS!

I love the new pics of Sugar. How could you not love that peanut buttery face?!

Christina said...

I love it, I love it! It really does look awesome. Yay for Nap Warden and yay for you. You're in an elite group - I looked at her blogs I've done" list and there are some big names there! this looks incredible.

holly said...

yours is so much way cooler than mine. it is awesome here. i love love love it.

and the photos! looks like sugar bear is ACTUALLY IN MY COMPUTER!!! AAAAGGH!!! kidding. i know she's probably not.

tommie said...

Whew hoo! Looks who has a new do...

Those smushed mouth pics are the cutest! Those would be hard to resist.

Anonymous said...

I love these!

Anonymous said...

Wow, lookin' fabulous around here!

Oh, and you can tell Miss Sugar that I think 'peanut butter faces' trump frosty decks every time ;)

Love these shots, Corey!

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

This is my first time here and I am in love with your blog and photography. You are my kind of woman. I just had a blog redo and still fixing the kinks but I love my room too!


Deb said...

Your new look is gorgeous, Corey! And it's much easier to read on the black background too. I love how large the photos are now - so easy to see clearly! :)

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