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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photostory Friday~ Some Bunny Loves Crafts

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

And It might be ME. A week or so back, I was over at Beth's blog, and saw a fun project that called my Sugar's name.  What was a mother to do, but force her child to don some adorable bunny ears and partake in some really fun crafting.  She was ECSTATIC!!!!


Seriously though....the ears were her idea!  I promise.  I chose the craft, she chose the attire.  I gathered the supplies, she checked her reflection in the mirror.  We had paper, paint, and a cute little honey.


I did the paint squirting.....mainly because I'm controlling she didn't have the strength to squeeze the bottle.


Then she completely and utterly rocked the folding over of the paper, and rubbing the HECK out of that little sucker.


OH.YES.SHE.DID!!!   the girl takes her job seriously, however, the bunny ears didn't cooperate, and kept falling off.  

However, she wanted to get them back on for the "BIG REVEAL!!!"


It was darling, and looked somewhat like a bunny.  GOTTA.LOVE.THAT!!!  Sugar Bear was darn sure the best part was picking out googly eyes and planting them in the wet paint.


Well.....putting a nose in place was pretty fun too!


She decided right away that we needed to make a black one.  She wanted sooooo badly to squeeze the paint, but the darn bottle was soooooo tough.  I had to help quite a bit.


She was REALLY excited to see the black one, but wasn't too sure with the outcome.

There was MUCH deliberating over which size of eyes to choose.


I let go completely of my "product" issue, and let her just enjoy the "process".  It isn't always easy for us controlling types....but sooooooooooooo worth it.  She is always a big fan of using the scissors...


And I enjoyed seeing the shape of nose she made.


Then.....mama had a turn, and I was blown away that I completely and accidentally squeezed the paint in such a way that created a nearly PERFECT nose.  tee fun is that?  Oh and THIS mama, couldn't resist the BIG googly eyes!  

Cause THAT is how I roll! 

Happy Friday Everyone!

19 Live It or Love It:

tiarastantrums said...

oh now - this I love - I now know what we are doing tomorrow with no school day!

Berta said...

. . . just like that! . . . a bunny! Adorable! Thanks for sharing. . . I have a bunch of kids here that would LOVE to do 'that'!

Marcelle said...

I have misses your blog so much...
I can tell you that in one month your little sugar has grown, you might not have noticed but I have...her hair is also a lot longer...wonderful to be able to pop over here...3 weeks then back in DE, will be in touch as normal then...

Susie said...

WOW Corey--this is so cool! I love her excitement..she must get it from her mommy! That sure is one perfect nose. Happy Easter!

AnnD said...

Such a great idea! I love her face in the "big reveal" photos!

Wayne said...

what a great Idea with the paint and the girl seems to love it.

thankyou for sharing your pictures with us

Michelle said...

NIce pictures and way fun bunny craft!

Shellie said...

That is so easy and cute! Great shots!

Angela said...

Wow, what fun! Happy PSF and Happy Easter!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Man, those are all so cute and easy. How fun!

Anonymous said...

Ooo--I'll have to try this! Of course, my results will be less adorable as my son HATES crafting. Thanks for letting me see how it works with "normal" kids!

kayerj said...

she's an adorable bunny, and the craft--so cute. i'm gonna have to do that with my grandkids

Here’s my photo story happy Friday!

Chris said...

What a cool project, and I love the bunny ears -- very appropriate.

When I was a kid, I had some devil horns that I had to wear whenever my mom made deviled eggs.

I think her black bunny is the best.

Anonymous said...

That is a neat little craft! I love the pictures...they really show you the story and makes you wanna reach out and touch the paint and get crafting too!

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute!!

Beth Cotell said...

Hey! Thanks for linking to my blog!

I'm so glad you guys had fun doing the ink blot bunnies. You can't go wrong with lots of paint and googly eyes!

Michele said...

Aww... now that looks like a wonderful Easter project to do!
She really did look like she had fun!

Tabitha Blue said...

Ok, THAT is a fun project and what a cutie!!

Killlashandra said...

What a cute craft! Anything with googley eyes is a must do. :) And her bunny ears were the totally perfect choice for her attire too.

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