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Monday, April 20, 2009

What rhymes with coats? boats? and notes?


ummmmmm....I know what you are thinking....and are WRONG. The hubby has NOT added to our family zoo this time. Whew.


These fun little critters are our neighbor's livestock. Each spring we get a real kick out of watching the little kids (baby goats) rompin' around. They are just plain silly. I love how they are obsessed with being 'king of the hill'!


Awhile back, when traveling along our road at the end of the day, we noticed a little kid, on the wrong side of the fence. He was curled up along the wires, and didn't seem to be worried, but boy was Sugar Bear. She was OBSESSED with getting that baby back to his mama.


After parking the truck in our drive, we enlisted The Hubby's help in getting the little lost kid over the fence. I was the first to reach the little love, and he was REALLY glad to see me. Turns out.....he was a bottle baby, and didn't have a mama. In fact, he was quite smitten with us, and wanted to follow us home.


I promised Sugar Bear that we'd give our neighbor a call, and go bottle feed the babies soon. I mean.....who could resist these little faces?

Several days later, we found ourselves meeting the neighbor at the gate. We helped him cross the goats into the upper field. ( I might have just stood there snapping my camera, but Sugar did some herding.....I think.)


Honestly, we didn't have to do a thing, since the goats love to head up to the barn for feeding time. They were animals on a mission.

I love to watch their ears flop in the wind as the bound forward.


Soon we were up at the barn, and Sugar was armed with some warm milk for the babies.


Oh the joy in satisfiying a baby's hunger.


It was such a delight to witness yet again, Sugar's enthusiasim for this sweet animals.

She was listening pretty intently to everything our neighbor had to say about the little ones.


Here is our little friend from the fence. He was a little piglet, and walked around us for 20 minutes afterwards with a huge pot belly, and a sick look on his face.

This photo makes me giggle a bit. Goats are hilarious about wanting to be up high. They will climb anything, and push each other off, in an effort to be the tallest. I love this shot of the baby and Sugar Bear sizing eachother up.


This last shot is of a two day old little one. I love the lighting in this shot and wish I had taken a few more from different angles.


All and all, this experience serves to remind us of our connection with nature. It is the simplest of things, like nurturing an animal that reminds us of what really matters.

Life is Good!

10 Live It or Love It:

Molly said...

I absolutely loved this post! The pictures were awesome and I love Sugar's expressions - pure joy!

Anonymous said...

Grrrr. I am TRYING to comment but having problems! Gorgeous pics Corey- Sugar is so beautiful and the goats are really sweet! Love them!

Autumn said...

Didn't you try having a goat once? I seem to remember that not working out so well. LOL Babies are the best aren't they? Even better when you get to just visit them and don't have to bottle feed them every day!!! :) Looks like Sugar had a really great time, I love the one of her and the goat sizing each other up.

Gayle said...

Goats are very cute and fun...for a little while. :) Our goats were so detructive...drove me nuts. Plus, we rescued them at 2 and 3 years of age, and they weren't tame. I never could get near them. Your photos of Sugar enjoying the moment are great!

Tanya said...

I loved the King of the Hill..heheeh

Christina said...

Total cuteness overload. Between the adorable SB and a bunch of baby goats, it's just too much!

Michele said...

Awwww.... I loved this post and how happy Sugar is!!
I am amazed at the balancing technique of the baby goat on the tree stump!
Such wonderful photos!!!


Anonymous said...

How fun!!! The Bean would have had a blast feeding the goats!

tommie said...

That last picture is stunning! Those goats are too cute.

Tabitha Blue said...

Hahaha... how fun! I love that second picture. And what a great experience to bottle feed those little guys!!


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