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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wrapping up December with Kitty

Just a quick post to wrap up the month of December. As you may know, I followed the alphabet through the first 26 days of month, and had a few days leftover. I decided to simply let it be random. I will admit that I somehow forgot to take a picture on the 27th. I remembered all day long, but didn't have kitty with me, then suddenly the day was gone. Bummer. I did take a photo to make up for it though. So, without further are the last 5 days of December.

Day 118
(It was a super exciting day. I took Sugar Bear to Build-a-Bear for the first time. Oh the choices.....but we finally had a little friend nestled in this here box.)


Day 119

(Ummm....yeah...I may or may not have eaten this entire tin of cookies. I'm not telling.)


Day 120

(Recently I have found an interest in Salt Lamps. This is one I have purchased for Sugar Bear's bedroom. Not only is it beautiful, it is improving her health.)


Day 121

(One of the big jobs after Christmas is to go through Sugar's toys and choose some to move to grandma's house, some to go to Day Care, and some to go to the Good Will. Sugar always very willing to make room for the new, and give to those who have less.)


Day 122

(New Year's Eve wouldn't be New Year's Eve, to me, unless a card/board game is involved. Sugar and I rocked the UNO cards!)


So there you have it. Will I be continuing on????? I wonder.....

7 Live It or Love It:

Marka said...

Uno! That's a great game!

Denise Karis said...

i vote yes for continuing on. and i vote yes for always always always eating the entire tin of cookies.

Janet said...

Ah! If you don't continue, I will miss Kitty! I am very interested in those salt lamps! I have never heard of them. I wonder if I could find one in South Africa? I am going on a mission to find out! Thank you for sharing! xx

Tabitha Blue said...

So great, and I love that you clean out her toys after each Christmas... such a great thing to do!


Nichole said...

I think you should continue! and those cookies look SOOOOOO YUMMY!

Christina said...

that's such a tiny tin of cookies - it barely even counts!!! ;o) Those salt lamps look quite interesting.

Unknown said...

I want to know more about salt lamps now! Must google it : )
I think you should continue if you love it : ) which I think you do! Or maybe you will find something new to take pictures of! Can't wait to find out!

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