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Monday, May 24, 2010

Can't even get mad at her

The other day, I stumbled into my house, bogged down with this that and the other thing, after a long, long day at work. I quickly set to figuring out dinner, as Sugar Bear happily went about checking on her pets. One of her favorite things to do each evening is to go around and see to the needs of her various pets. It makes me smile to hear her sweet little voice calling out, "Hey there bunnies! How was your day!" She always comes running back into the house to fill me in on the cute things they just did.

This particular day, during a brief moment between setting up dinner, and getting ready to call Sugar Bear into the house, I glanced out our big picture window, taking in our beautiful view, and noticed something wasn't quite right......sigh.......

The Hubby, Sugar Bear, Daisy Dog, and myself had to head on out to the corner of your property, and tend to a little something important.

When you have a Mini Horse, things such as FENCING is pretty darn important, cause not everyone wants this crazy monster in their yard.


This particular fence was built by our neighbors, but there has been several issues with it. When Tiny, our horse, was younger, she would lay down next to it, and roll over, and end up on the other side. We added a row of barbed wire to the bottom of the fence to prevent that. At the time, The Hubby wasn't all that impressed with the fence posts and how shallow they were set. Apparently, they can only take so much of mini horse butt scratchin' gives way.


You can't get mad at her though....she is just too cute. Between her and my little workin'girl....the would be frustration turned out to be a pretty darling little distraction.


Sugar Bear does good work. She had that fence repaired in no time.


I knew I had that girl for a reason! :)

8 Live It or Love It:

Kimberly said...

What phooey luck to have at the end of a bad day, but what a positive spin you put on it. (And that horse, DARN cute - but can't compete with Sugar Bear.) :)

Janet said...

What a helpful young lady! :)I don't know what you'd do without her!

Autumn said...

I think a ten foot tall fence is in order... a nice cyclone one. ;) hehehe. That Sugar is a great helper. Good fencing skills are very useful when you have lots of critters.

Christina said...

A broken fence is not at ALL what a person wants to discover at the end of a long day...but good for you for finding joy in it. After all, Sugar and Tiny make a VERY CUTE pair!

Marcelle said...

Oh she is such a clever girl!!!!

P.S I need the pics for my tomorrows post!!!
Please email them to

Jeanette said...

LOL glad I just have 2 puppies!

Marka said...

Good times!

Christine said...

Ha! I would love if your horse showed up at my door! That would be something here in the city! :)

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