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Monday, September 13, 2010

OOPS!....Did I do that?

Hey there Internet.....I'm sooooooo sorry for violating your strict policy regarding downloads. I didn't mean I look like the kind of girl who would purposely violate you? I THINK NOT! It has to be some sort of mistake.....or something like that, right? It wasn't wasn't me. maybe it was ME, but it wasn't on PURPOSE. I didn't even know there was such a policy. Yeah......I know...I really should read the fine print more often, but usually those things just don't apply to ME....right? right? maybe those things do apply to ME, but they shouldn't.....I'm a sweet little blogger mommy. Nothing to worry about here. I just wanted to download some wedding photography tutorials...nothing BAD....or anything....just photography stuff. I didn't KNOW that downloading over 35 hours of video in one week was NOT OKAY. sheesh.....who knows that stuff? sigh....

So, Internet, can't we just forgive and forget? Can't we just say, "OOPS!" and move on?

No? No, we can't?

Seriously? I'm kicked off the Internet for 2 weeks, and possibly longer?



No "take backsies?"

:( that way, but I'm not the only one who will suffer from this atrocity. You are depriving MILLIONS (okay maybe 13 or so) of my devoted blogging fans the opportunity to experience Sugar Bear's first day of Kindergarten today.......and the first day of Ballet Class...also today......and to see some pics of our super exciting bay crabbing trip this past weekend.....and our teeny tiny baby bunnies that were just born. Oooooo....and they are sooooooooo cute, too.

Seriously, are so selfish. How will everyone survive? Don't blame me if there is a revolt......YOU are the one being all "Policy this....policy THAT?" whatever......

I was already tired.....and now I'll have to come to work early...and stay late to make up for some valuable time spent writing this darn letter. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to forgive you. Let's just say........YOU ARE ON MY LIST. You hear me?

I tried to spit in your eye, and only succeeded in disgustifying my monitor. I tried to kick you in the shins....and only ended up with a stubbed toe and a dented tower. I know violence isn't the answer, but I'm cranky.

Hope you are satisfied, Internet. You are sooooooooooooooooo not invited to my birthday party, Which happens to be tomorrow! No cupcakes for you!

Not your friend,


5 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

my blogger says I have run out of photo space and must now pay if I want to post more photo's on my blog...oh I understand your frustration.

Christina said...

What??? Oooh Corey, I always knew you were bad news, you lawbreaker you. :oP Seriously, I don't get downloaded too many freebies and now you're banned from the internet?? Crazy! Well, just think of all the reading you can do now. ;o)

Autumn said...

Who knew Corey was a big rule breaker?? I guess that's what happens when you turn as old as you are going to tomorrow. :P heeheeheee hahahaha hohoho hehehehe... oh wait I'm that old.. dang.

Momo Fali said...

That is the worst birthday present EVER! The internet is a sucky friend.

I, however, wish you a VERY happy birthday AND no jail time.

The Johnson Family said...

Really, there are truly internet cops that do that lol???? What's this world coming to. You rebel!!
Happy Birthday dear friend!

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