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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Team Up Thursday~ My Week

Ooooooo... My girl Berta had a rockin' suggestion....and we went with it. Rather than do a diptych featuring one photo from me and one photo from her, we each made a mosaic of our week. We had to choose one photo from each day of the week.

I don't know about Berta, but I loved pulling my mosaic together. One thing really screamed out at me.

"I am so very blessed!"

The first portion of my week, Sugar Bear was not home. She was at Grandpa and Grandma's house, so I had some adventures of my own.


Monday, I went photo scouting with a new photography friend looking for fun places to do portraits. We were lucky to catch the beach near sunset, and watch this guy fly his kite.

Tuesday, I spent the entire day in our new fire station attending a work training in their community conference room. We got a tour of the station, and I had fun photographing an old steam fire engine.

Wednesday, I got the privilege of feeding some darling baby bunnies for a friend. I have to admit I spent a great deal of time just snuggling these little cuties.'s official. I love baby bunnies.

Thursday, I once again joined my new photography friend. I snapped this shot of a local bridge while she was happily capturing portraits for a client of hers. It was a beautiful night.

Friday, after work, I picked up my little love, and she had a wonderful smile for me. She lost her first tooth while she was away.

Saturday was our special day....just me and my girl. We stayed in our jammies all day, and went out into our yard in the early evening for some fun. This shot of her on the swing just melts my heart. I don't want her to ever grow up.

Sunday we found a way to mix some fun in with our chores. Sitting in the grass, watching Sugar Bear do some balance work on her glider bike was a treasured moment. It is good to be a mom.

Next, we have Berta's mosaic. It takes my breath away.


Please take the time to head over to Berta's blog to see what she has to say about her week. For me....this just says so much....I adore her photography logo....and it certainly pulls the whole thing really is LIFE. She captures LIFE so very well. I have to giggle at her makeup brushes though....she says that she is envious that men don't have to bother with such things. Well....either do I. Maybe I should....but I don't. I use a makeup brush about once a year...if that. I'm just too lazy, I think.

I am so grateful for this project. Seeing all these pictures can't help but admit that.....LIFE IS GOOD!

Please do head over to Megan's to find all the Team-up Thursday participants.

16 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Ooooh Berta is good, what a fabulous idea! Love all of your shots of the week. I am soooo jealous that you have a new photography friend to hang with! But oh so happy for you. :) Ok now off to see what Berta said about her week...

Stefanie said...

They are both different and yet stunning.
I love your square photos, concentrating on the action and the simple black frame.
Berta's different sizes yet just as great.
You both rocked this one.

Lynette Jacobs said... girls really think outside the box. This is the best challenge I have seen so far. Beautiful photos that capture your week. Well done team.

Kerstin said...

Corey - thank you sooo much for the view into your life - I adore that theme and hope we can take over this theme one day :)
Love your photos - love your description and "love your week" - perfect done!!!!!
You both are adorable!!!!!

Marcelle said...

I loved this weeks theme, seeing both your very different to mine!!

Well done to the most amazing team.

bBchronicles said...

Corey - YOU DID have some adventures this week. I LOVE doing that - scouting out places to takes photos. I love Sugar Bear's look when you pick her up - loving the missing tooth. Bunnies are GOOD to snuggle when you're missing your 'sweet one' - you photos are so great and LOVE peeking into your life for a few seconds - very fun. What COULD BE BETTER than staying in your jammies for most of the day - so fun! GREAT JOB partner!

Jen said...

Oh I love, love, love this idea. So much fun. If only we could all do this every week and have a nice snapshot of each week at the end of the year.

tania said...

These look as though they were picked from a magazine!wow!!

Andrea said...

I LOVE this theme and thing both sets of photos are absolutely FABULOUS! You "team" continue to be an inspiration, so thanks for sharing xxx

Tanya said...

Ahh Corey I always have a *fuzzy heart* moment when I visit your blog! Just lovely!

HipMomma said...

Ooh, talk about a way to really keep your camera in your hand all week, huh?? No pressure. Great shots from both of you. I'm partial to the lost tooth though. Nothing better than a toothless grin.

~Kristina said...

This idea is awesome! I wish i could figure out how to make the storyboards for these.

jillconyers said...

What a cool idea. That could be a whole new photography meme. Great shots!

Christina said...

I love this, Corey!! What a fabulous week! So terrific that you're getting to spend some quality photography time with a buddy. And that toothless grin just melts me.

Megan said...

what a wonderful idea! we might have to steal this one for a future group project:). great shots, and what a lovely way to encapsulate your week.

Cara said...

What a neat idea. I love the beach shot and the one on of just sugar bears feet while on the swing.
Looks like a great week.

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