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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 58


October 31st was Halloween. Just like it is every single year. It's funny like that. LOL (oh gosh, I'm in a weird mood.) It was wonderful. After school, we met up at a friend's house and had such a lovely time. Pizza, fruit, butternut squash soup, and lots and lots and lots of fun. I brought pumpkin cookies....cause Fall is my baking season. It couldn't have been a better Halloween.


November 1st was a boring old Tuesday. I'm pretty sure nothing remotely special happened. oh wait.....yes it did! I had a dental cleaning appointment, and a haircut.....and something that I hoped would lead to major change. It was an uplifting day, and I did marvel at the beauty that is my world though. I snapped this shot of a fluffy plant and the moon while waiting for Sugar Bear to get out of dance class.


November 2nd was a crisp Fall day. I had tons of responsibilities at work, and I found a need to find some peace in my truck before a car seat clinic I helped at started. So much to little time.


November 3rd was a typical Thursday. I got off work a little early, and did some reading in my truck while waiting for Sugar Bear's dance Class to end. I nabbed this shot of the sky reflected in a huge mud puddle. There is beauty often where we don't take the time to look. I'm glad that no matter how monotonous my life gets....I don't forget to look.

November 4th found me traveling south for the day. It was work.....and quite nearly drove me nuts, but the actual drive was stunning, and I was happy to be near the ocean at sunset. It was foggy, but worth a stop for a few quick pics. Sugar Bear went to her grandparent's house for the weekend, so I had time to just get home slowly....enjoying the view.


November 5th I spent with The hubby......and cleaning, and editing pics.....and doing stuff I can't even recall, but I did a bit of sleeping....that I do know. I nearly forgot to pick up my camera that day, so I nabbed a quick shot of the pizza muffins I made, while they waited in the fridge for Sugar Bear's lunch box.

November 6th was a lovely, quiet Sunday. I baked some pumpkin cookies for work. I may have ate one or five too many. I'm a naughty girl like that.

2 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

I wouldn't mind taking a work trip with a view like that. I would have stopped and ran on the beach matter how chilly.

Bird Removal Flower Mound said...

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