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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 59


November 7th was a good day to get used to the Daylight savings change. All went well, but by was dark....and we were sleepy. I took some time to just play with Sugar Bear that evening. Here we dressed up bear in her doll's Elmo Jammies. So cute. I haven't been the best about playing with Sugar these days.


November 8th was ick! A day of work....and stress.....buried under a pile of papers. sigh.

November 9th was a typical Wednesday, and I honestly can't remember a thing about it. I do remember having to wait, for some reason somewhere on our way home. We played a game of tic tac toe! ooooooooo wait....I remember now. The electricity was out at home, so I stopped and got Chinese food for dinner. We were waiting for it to be ready. :) It was yummy, and we enjoyed a fire in the fireplace, and some good family time playing with some metal puzzles my husband likes.


November 10th was spent driving down the coast....but not enough time to stop and enjoy the views. That is so frustrating for me. I did have good company with me, so that was a plus.

November 11th found me feeling obsessed with knitting. I don't know what bit me that day, but I just HAD to knit. Both Sugar Bear and I got the chance to stay home, due to Veteran's day. I started a scarf, in an effort to use up some yarn and ribbon that I purchase.....gulp....8 years ago. eeekkkk....


November 12th was a super great day! It felt like Sunday....but it was only it was all the more awesome. We attended a great Birthday party for a sweet boy in Sugar's class. It was such a fun party, with great friends in attendance. I love this shot of Sugar Bear and some of her girlfriends playing on the floor. ♥

November 13th brought another great opportunity. We were invited to a Fairy Club. One of Sugar's little girl friends from school and dance wanted to start a Fairy Club. We went to her house, and colored, figured out our fairy names, and when on a fairy trail hike. So very fun.


Thank you to anyone that is still following my blog. I know it has been a yawn fest for quite awhile now. I hope to get my act back together sometime soon.

3 Live It or Love It:

Molly said...

Tis the season for being busy and not blogging as much as we like. ...I am thankful for the bloggers I love to follow posting no matter how far/few between. I find a comfort just seeing the occasional posts :)

Autumn said...

Yawn fest? NEVER! Well not for me anyway. I love these little snippets of your life. Makes me feel more in touch with what's going on with you. :)

Jessie said...

You could not be a yawn fest mama :) My baby loves the Elmo pic :) Sounds like a fun week!

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