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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Week 60


November 14th was a normal sort of Monday. I forgot all about a potluck at work....which always makes me sad, but everyone else made some delicious stuff. I picked up Sugar Bear after school and we ran some errands. After we picked up our tickets for the Nutcracker, we played a little in some leaves on the sidewalk.


November 15th I had a meeting further south in the afternoon. I spent several hours in a cramped, hot little room with too many people. I did get a good start on a scarf while I listened to the speakers though. I always enjoy that. When I went to leave the building, this cute little guy was waiting for me on the sidewalk. I had a little fun laying on the ground to nab this shot of him. He was only about 2 inches long. Sadly....before I could say anything, a co-worker accidentally stepped on him a few minutes later. It was so awful. sigh.....


November 16th was a rainy, rainy day. There was school and a play date for Sugar Bear, and work for me. I took this shot on the way home. It has been so hard transitioning into driving home in the dark.


November 17th was a typical Thursday up until the evening. Then we had the great joy of attending Sugar Bear's Fall Festival at school. Both her grandmas and her papa on her dad's side were there as well. We watched her sing and dance. It was fun indeed. The Hubby left that day for a 7 day hunting trip that he had been planning for ages.

November 18th was a busy, busy day. I had some high hopes for it...but as you can see in the picture....I walked away from the day discouraged. sigh.....I keep hoping for some change....and it just isn't the right time, yet, I guess.


November 19th was a super fun Saturday. It was just me and my girl. We had date night together. We went to see a local production of The Nutcracker. Several of Sugar's little friends had small parts in it. So fun. We went out to dinner afterwards. I happened to wear some really old heels that decided to completely fall apart at dinner. It was hilarious. Sugar got a real kick out of "silly mommy" and her broken shoes. tee hee.....


November 20th was a day of this and that. Spent the morning with my girl, then packed her up for a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's farm. She had the entire Thanksgiving week off from school, so she spend Sunday through Wednesday night with them. I drove her half there, then headed home to an empty house. It was just me and the cat. I spent the first hour rearranging my freezer to try and fit this 1/2 of a steer that I purchased from my parents. WOW....I have a ton of meat.

3 Live It or Love It:

cat said...

Just adore that first photo!

Autumn said...

Love that picture of you and Sugar. I too am tired of the short days ....sigh... so many more short days to go.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that night shot is phenomenal!

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