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Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 48


August 22nd was the beginning of Sugar Bear's last week of summer vacation. We really wanted to make the most of it. She had spent the weekend with my parents, and I picked her up after work, and we had a fun stop at Wendy's for a frosty. Gosh we love frosties.....♥.


August 23rd I took my camera to Sugar's daycare after work. The Kiddos loved hamming it up for the fisheye lens. :) I just know Sugar is going to cherish these photos, as this was her last week at her daycare for the foreseeable future.


August 24th was the beginning of another journey. As you can see in the collage....I'm back to Weight Watchers. It really does, and I wouldn't be back where I am if I hadn't let some really lame stuff give me an excuse for ignoring my health. I'm done putting food first. It's time I put ME first. Can't say, I won't miss eating whatever the heck I want...when I want...but I can say that I won't miss feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

August 25th didn't bring anything out of the ordinary. Sugar Bear had some fun out on the deck with some bubbles in the early evening. Gosh we are gonna miss these summer nights. Fall is coming in fast. It is getting dark earlier and earlier.


August 26th I dropping The Sugar off at her aunt's house before work. She was OVERDUE for a hair cut. Aunt A took care of that. Here is the before picture. I love what the sun does to her hair in the summer. It is so pretty.


August 27th marked my first foray into "ladies night" with some really great new friends. I had so much fun. 6 hours of adult conversation. What's not to love?????? This is my lemon water....I love how the light shines through it. Earlier that day, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Sugar Bear's new school in an effort to help them get prepared for the new year. It was lovely getting to know her teacher, and feeling proactive. It really built up some excitement for the new year.


August 28th was a quiet day at home. I enjoyed watching a grey squirrel eat some nuts in our backyard. I love that we have nature all around us. ♥

Life is good!


2 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Looks like a very good week. Sugars hair is so pretty. The sun really lightens it up in the Summer! Good luck on your weight loss journey. It's so hard as we get older and our metabolism slows to change the way we eat! Sigh... all those years wasted thinking we needed to diet as teenagers.

Janet said...

Wow! Sugar's hair is so long! It's beautiful! We're looking forward to summer days now! I am sure your autumn days are JUST as special though!

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