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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 50


September 5th was a there was no work...and no school....and what better way to spend the day than taking a mugshot of my dog. tee hee.... seriously, though. Look how much Ivy has grown. It is NUTS. She just turned 9 months and she is officially a MOOSE. She is a really wonderful dog though. So well behaved, and easy to be around. She just might be our easiest puppy yet.....maybe. She is such a loved part of our family. So glad to have her.


September 6th was the first day that buses were running for Sugar Bear's school. I had to grab a shot of her getting on the bus. I'm so glad the bus runs out to her school. It is saving me an extra hour of driving each day. whew!


September 7th really officially felt like Fall. I enjoy Fall....when it isn't raining, and we haven't had much rain, so it has been lovely. I took this photo in the parking lot at work. We have a tree there that turns really early. It is so pretty though. I love red leaves.


September 8th was a normal busy school and work day....and I was really wearing down. whew...I'll be so very glad to get used to the new schedule we have. I need consistency to function. Sugar grabbed this shot of me in our truck. I had just gotten back in the truck after getting the mail.


September 9th was a long...long....long day. I had a full day of training for work in a nearby town, then I ran home.....then to the store.....then up the river for a wedding rehearsal. I love this shot of the groom holding one of the signs he made to direct folks to the wedding. Sometimes it's all we can do to just "keep goig". tee hee.....too tired to even remember the "n".


September 10th made Friday look like a picnic. Talk about long....and such a hot day. Shooting a wedding can be an enormous amount of work. It was fun though. What a beautiful event. As you might know....I love to capture the details. I love this shot of the rings taken on the pool table in the "man cave". The guys at this wedding really enjoyed this little hangout.


September 11th was a day of remembering....who could forget? I did sleep in, and spent most of the day at the computer editing wedding pictures. This is a photo of my mouse. I LOVE it. My wrist LOVES it. What a life saver it has been.


4 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Looks like a busy busy week. With school and soccer starting plus my mom living here now it's been busy at my house too. Hope you're having a fabulous day! :)

Janet said...

Love seeing what u get up to! What a beautiful dog you have! Hope you'll show us a picture of the bride :)

Jen said...

Week 50, already? How is that possible?

Anonymous said...

That ring shot ROCKS. Is there no end to your creativity?

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