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Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 49


August 29th was meet the teacher night, and I wrote alllll about it HERE. This photo was taken outside on the huge sun dial. Our little friend, "S", had a great time showing us around. It was a beautiful evening, and just plain felt perfect. :)


August 30th was a An emotional one for all involved. It was the last day, in the foreseeable future, for Sugar to attend her long time daycare. Oh man.......who would have thought I'd have so many tears over it? ugh, it was just plain hard. Our provider means so much to us. It isn't easy for a parent to leave their child all day, while at isn't easy to trust....but once you do it....there is a bond that can not be broken, and even if many days or months go by without seeing this beautiful face.....she will always be in our hearts. ♥


August 31st was Sugar's first day of school, and I wrote allllllll about it HERE! I chose this photo to represent the day because it shows her confidence....which is not her usual MO when trying something new. I think it bodes well for the new school year.


September 1st was the second day of school, and Sugar came home is a great mood. We are trying to enjoy the last of our summer evenings. While I was cooking dinner, The Hubby unpacked a shipment of dune buggy parts, and gave Sugar the bubble wrap. Oh man....what a good time. I love her energy!


September 2nd brought the end of our work/school week, and found us playing outside in the evening with the animals. I love how interested Tiny always is in the rabbits. She is very gentle and the rabbits don't seem to mind. The one in front looks a bit wary....but he didn't run away. So cute, yes? You want one? Autumn.....?


September 3rd was spent shopping. First we went to Joann's Fabrics to start thinking about a Halloween costume. I think I'm in over my head this'll have to wait and see. Then we had some MAJOR grocery shopping to do. Sugar was a trooper, and I love this shot of her picking out some all fruit Popsicles. YUM!


September 4th was a day of cooking. I tried several new recipes. This was a pesto chicken that was TO.DIE.FOR!!!! I can't wait to make it again. So good. I also made Bran Muffins, Healthy Peanut Butter Balls, and Pizza Muffins. I'm working on finding things to go in Sugar Bear's lunchbox each week. Packing lunches is HARD work.


Oh, and dude...I know my blog is a snore fest these days...but seriously....I don't feel like I have time to be interesting. LOL

3 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

You are such a brat.. I want that bunny so bad! But with an addition of two horses and two dogs to my house this week... I don't think I could take on another animal! Sugar is looking so big these days, sigh... I guess time marches on.

Gayle said...

Packing lunches is hard work and I have to do four each day for picky eaters. I'm too tired to even be creative!! I'd take one of the bunnies if I were closer...shoot, I'd take two!~

Janet said...

How beautiful is that photo of the horses nose with the bunnies! I LOVE it! And my oh my! SB is growing up, isn't she?

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