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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week 45

I snapped this shot of myself last Wednesday, the 2nd. I got a haircut the day before, and I was feeling pretty good about the healthy hair. It had been a year since my last haircut. I couldn't decide if I wanted to grow it out or not. I finally decided to chop it all off again. I needed some change. I NEEDED some change. I'm just not feeling like being ME, lately. I totally know I'm not depressed or anything, but MAN....if it were possible, I'd just stop being me for awhile. I'm not even sure I'm making any sense, but it's how I feel. I feel like a broken record this Fall. argh. whine...whine....whine! I just don't want to feel so overwhelmed, and disjointed anymore. I miss being PRESENT, and ENGAGED. I feel like running away. Far, far, far, away.


It's not alllllll bad. Sugar Bear is fabulous! My Hubby has been great. I'm a lucky, lucky lady. There is just so many things I'm feeling icky and sad about. I'm in the process of making change. It just isn't happening fast enough.

4 Live It or Love It:

cat said...

Looking very pretty!

Jessie said...

I go through times like that a lot! It ends but it always comes back. Not sure why either. Great selfie ♥

Susan said...

Congrats on the new haircut. I dyed my hair bright orange about a year ago to create some much needed change. It was a riot! I got what I asked for, and discovered many people walked on eggshells around me. (Guess red-heads can be a little demanding?) Who knew! Hope the changes you’re making do the trick!

Donetta said...

Corry I can so relate.
Trying to address the root of issues is overwhelming in itself. I suppose there is a gift in tenacity. Even in it though fatigue can be a demanding dictator. For you are not alone. The fact of it may help. These season that really pull us to the core must have some long term gain for us. We must be growing. Once before the storm of all of this I believed that it was to help me better understand and have compassion on others. Just the thought of it got me out of my own caldron of boiling over. Now the waters hot and all I can think of it making it stop.
So an appointment with the spine surgeon to get some pain relief. Facing the fear of the fire, again. perhaps that might just use up all that darn kindling so it burns out. Be nice to not have to tend to it awhile.
It may not be in who we are but in what we face each day within us we long to be free from.
My heart offers a hug to you darling we will get to better days. Wonder what it will all gain us. Maybe someone will need the understanding we gain. Where are all those folks for us if the notion be so?

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