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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 56


October 17th found us having a little early evening fun out in our yard that has been completely taken over by woolly bears. I mean the 15 years we have lived here, there have NEVER been so many of these suckers in our yard. In about 4 minutes Sugar Bear and I gathered up SIXTY of them. tee hee....good times.


October 18th was a normal Tuesday, but boy oh boy....what a beautiful evening. We are really trying to hold on to the nice weather, and beautiful skies.


October 19th was a popcorn sort of night. It's my "go to" food when I am still hungry after dinner. I've been fighting the urge to stress eat quite often this fall. If I'm gonna over eat....I'll do it with 98% fat free popcorn. I'm too lazy to air pop....but I'm working on it. I want to....I just need to do it.


October 20th was amazing. I got the fabulous opportunity to go to the pumpkin patch with Sugar Bear and her first grade class. What a fun day. The bus ride was noisy....and I got woooozy...but other than that.....awesome. What a fun bunch of kiddos. Sugar Bear got chosen line leader when it was time to follow Farmer Ryan over to the hay ride. She was pretty proud of that. ♥


October 21st found us sooooooooooooo happy it was Friday. This photo is of Sugar Bear enjoying the chance let the wind blow by our truck. I let her out of her car seat on our gravel road. Often she helps me drive, but this day she wanted to hang out in the passenger seat. Don't let her know that I told you, but she likes to watch herself in the mirror. tee hee.....


October 22nd was a day from heck. I just had so many bad things happen....but one good thing was my niece's birthday party. I love this shot of her smile while we sang to her. Can't believe she is NINE! eeekkkkkk


October 23rd was Sunday.....sweet Sunday. Sugar was so excited to try out our new pancake pen! it is fun. She had a blast making all sort of shaped pancakes. What a fun treat.


3 Live It or Love It:

Jessie said...

What a great week! I have been stress eating Halloween candy. Must get it out of the house! Quickly!

Autumn said...

Oh stress eating.. yeah I'm doing that now. I started out not being able to eat at all but now I find myself eating nachos at 10pm ... ack! Love the shot of the sky.

Gayle said...

Looks like you and Sugar are up to your old tricks and having a good time.

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