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Monday, July 9, 2012

My Week 91


June 25th we were still up at my parent's farm visiting family.  It was finally feeling a bit like summer.  Grandma likes to play card games with her grandkids....and of course they love it.  This set of "Go Fish" cards were mine as a kid.

Jun 25 2012_0009ew

June 26th we headed on home to take care of our pets while The Hubby went Shrimping.  Shrimp season isn't as good as last year, but it is keeping him busy.  We spent some time outside with our male bunny, Mace.  He loves his run around time. 

Jun 26 2012_0002efb

June 27th sent me to work (boo hoo), and Sugar to day care.  Nothing really amazing or interesting happened.  I snapped this shot of Sugar Bear and her buddy H-boy.  They have been friends since she was 2.  I'm not sure why....but something about this shot makes me feel worried.  tee hee

Jun 27 2012_0016efb

June 28th was super duper awesome.  My nieces called and invited us to join them to a local pool that has been recently renovated.  We'd been meaning to get over there, but hadn't made it happen. was AWESOME!  Sugar had a blast.  I love this shot of the water dumping on them.  Sugar Bear is in there somewhere.  :)

Jun 28 2012_0029efb

June 29th was a fairly busy day at home.  I made the wise move to mow the lawn, as it was way too tall, and we only had a brief break from all the rain we'd been having.

Jun 29 2012_0005efb

June 30th found me with a MAJOR case of the sweet teeth.  I NEEDED to make a goody, and boy oh boy did it.  I made my favorite Blackberry pie bars, but used half Blackberries and half Blueberries.  I called them my "black and blue bars."  I should have called them my "add 3 inches to my bum bars!"  oh my granny!

July 1st was doomy and gloomy outside, so Sugar and I spent the day inside together.  I taught her how to play "Slap Jack!"  She loved it.  You can't tell that she is an aggressive player, can you?

Jul 01 2012_0004ew

2 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Looks like a good week. Love that bunny! So excited to see you next month :)

Gayle said...

Finally got to catch up. Summers are crazy. It's been gloomy here as well.... while there have been some hot days, I would classify this as a rainy summer. Really a bummer for my gardens I work so hard on. Third year in a row!! Hope we all have some sunshine soon!

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