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Sunday, August 5, 2012

52 weeks of me 2012~ week 31

Theme/Prompt:  The Jump Shot you know that the "52 weeks of me" challenge has done it's job when you are willing to post a photo of yourself looking like this:

Aug 05 2012_0098ew

I mean seriously...I would have NEVER posted a photo of myself like this a few years ago. ACK. but...for some reason, it just doesn't bother me anymore. This is who I am. I hang out in my jammies....I make crazy faces....I'm on the upper side of what I allow myself to weigh.....and I don't wear make-up or brush my hair. Just be glad I brush my teeth. :)

  I wanted to do an awesome jump shot for this theme, but I was so worried about my already sore ankle. I waited until literally 20 minutes ago, and just gave in and did a quick little leap off my deck....wearing what I've been wearing allllllllll day longggggggggggggg. I am so very cool like that.

The theme/prompt for next week is: HAT

2 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

I love it! You remind me of one of my dear friends up here who also just doesn't care what people think, and everyone loves her for it.

Janet said...

LOL! Divine - I love this photo of you - Fun, fun, fun!

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