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Friday, August 31, 2012

My Week 98


August 13th was my first day back to work after my summer break, and I had the pleasure of spending it in a small seaside town. It was GREAT. I had fish and chips for lunch, and we got out of our meeting a bit early, so I headed for the beach. However.....the wind was blowing like 90 miles per hour, and I could hardly hold my camera still. Twice I was almost blown over. It was wild. I braved the wind....and the blowing sand because it isn't often that I'm at the beach by myself. I took tons of photos but decided to share this one of two seagulls arguing over some food.   

Aug 13 2012_0147ew
August 14th was work and then in the evening, I was allllll alone. and I.LIKED.IT. Now I love my family, but sometimes I really dig being alone. I used to spend the majority of my time alone before I had my daughter. My husband's job takes him away from home a lot. I got quite used to it, and sometimes I still crave my "me time".

I got home from work. Ate a little dinner, held the baby bunnies for a bit, and went for a walk with my sweet dog, Ivy and then headed out for a walk in the golden hour. There was so many  pretty photograph. 
Aug 14 2012_0075ew
August 15th while I ate lunch, I sat in my truck under this beautiful tree. I always adore the way the leaves look when the sun is shining through them. I took a bunch of shots, and had a hard time choosing which photo I like best.  This one was nice.  There was a bit of a breeze, and I fell in love with how the weeping branches swayed. It is so relaxing and peaceful
Aug 15 2012_0010ew
August 16th was a glorious morning. One of those where the sunlight is a slight golden color. As I drove up our road heading to work, I just had to stop and snap a few quick shots around our neighborhood.  I rather like shot of my neighbor's old barn. There is just something about barns that draws my eye. 
I really really started missing my Sugar Bear about now.  She was having fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house though.
Aug 16 2012_0604ew
August 17th I had a busy day at work, and nearly forgot to stop by the library to pick up some books for my mother that I had put on hold for her. Good thing I drive right by it on the way home, and it jogged my memory. I'm usually in a hurry, but today I had time to snap a few shots of some flowering shrubs in the Library parking lot. They are small and delicate flowers. I got several shots that I really like. 

Aug 17 2012_0004ew
August 18th I treated my mom, and my daughter to a performance in a small town near where we live.  It was just a hoot. This is the 46th year of live melodrama performances at the theatre, and it is such a fun experience. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We all giggled a lot together throughout the show.  Good times.

The character of Dorfius Dingling (the fellow in the tan outfit) stole the show in my opinion. This was his first year performing, and man oh man.....he was so great! He has the physical comedy thing down.
Aug 18 2012_0104ew
August 19th was a lazy day at home...and mean L A Z Y. I'm pretty sure I got next to nothing done today. It was GREAT to have my daughter back home. 6 nights is just tooooooo long to be apart.

I nearly forgot to grab a shot of my feet for a different project that I do, so we quickly took this one with my remote shutter. My feet look sooooo old next to my Sugar's sweet little feet. 
Aug 19 2012_0047ebwfb

1 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

Such a wonderful way to diarise your week - memories captured in picture. Love it, and your photographs are so good. What pretty little flowers outside the library - I love them! Say "Hi"to Sugar Bear for me :)

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