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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Week 97


July 30th...hmmmm let me think. I have NO idea what I did that day.  It's been too long.  I do know my Sugar was still at Grandma's house, and I played around with my fish eye lens a bit.  Other than that....I have absolutely NO idea.

Jul 30 2012_0035ew

July 31st I met my Dad in a town half way between them and me to gather up my Sugar Booger Bear.  ♥  oh how much I missed my girl.  On the way home we dropped by a lighthouse to see if I could get a shot of it with my fish eye.  This is not how I pictured it, as the fence around it kept me from getting as close as I wanted.  Darn it.

Jul 31 2012_0010ew

August 1st I had to work, but Sugar was thrilled to go back to daycare.  She loves her daycare provider soooooooooooo much, and the other kids are great.  Work was....well work, but I managed to take a moment to stop by my favorite weeds spot to get a few shots in.  This has to be my favorite Queen Anne's Lace shot yet.  I adore the yummy bokeh.

Aug 01 2012_0049ew

August 2nd was work and daycare yet again.  Sugar Bear managed to outgrow ALL of her shoes in the past two weeks.  I had a bit of time to run by a local store to find some cool All Stars on clearance. 

Aug 02 2012_0011ew

August 3rd I took my girl to the pool again. We are really enjoying this fabulous pool being do close to us. She loves being in the water, and her confidence has grown so much this summer. Today she didn't have a friend there with her, so she made a few friends, and spent a good deal of time alone. I caught her chillin' in the baby section of the pool. Can't say I blame her.....the babies are fun to watch. At one point....she almost fell asleep.  It must have been so relaxing. 

I spent the 2.5 hours watching and reading my book. It was so very relaxing. Summer days.....gotta love them. 

Aug 03 2012_0048ew

August 4th was a great day at home.  There was time for the baby bunnies, some four wheel riding, and some reading for me.  It was nearly perfect. 

Aug 04 2012_0108ew

August 5th we had a quiet day at home today. My little Sugar Bear took this time to paint a cute little wooden rat. I always enjoy watching her work on things like this. I love the concentration on her face. It is the moments like that that I love to capture. Life.....the simple things. One of the many things I will miss so much when she is grown and on her own. 

Aug 05 2012_0002ew

1 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

Sugar Bear looks SO much like you in the last photo with that look of concentration on her face! :) Definitely a Mommy's Girl :)

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